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01. Animal Care Diploma
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03. Environmental Waste Management Diploma
04. Sports Physiology Diploma
05. Business and the Environment Diploma
06. Diet and Nutrition Advisor
07. Dress Making and Fashion Design
08. Effective Public Speaking
09. Fitness Management Diploma
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Stonebridge Associated Colleges are an established provider of Distance Education and Home Study Courses based in the United Kingdom but with students Worldwide. They have helped tens of thousands of students advance their learning and gain qualifications in their chosen field in ways that are both accessible and flexible.

Stonebridge Associated Colleges’ Nationally Accredited courses lead to Internationally recognised awards. Their courses are recognised by a wide variety of groups, including employers, professional associations, governing bodies, as well as National and International licensing authorities across the World.

On successful completion of your course, you will receive an attractively presented Diploma or Certificate issued by Stonebridge Associated Colleges, this will also allow you to use the letters SAC. Dip. or SAC. Cert. after your name. If you also complete a course accredited by one of the awarding bodies, you may receive another certificate from them, or be eligible for professional membership.

Through their accountability to their associated providers and relevant accreditation bodies, rigorous quality standards, systems of teaching, assessment methods, internal verification and student support functions are all monitored, reviewed and maintained.

Stonebridge guarantee that they meet:
Quality standards for the competence of staff
Standards for the quality of learning resources
Standards for assessment procedures
Their own robust quality assurance process

Stonebridge is a member of the British Association for Open Learning, qualified suppliers of existing materials to the University for Industry, and is an ASET approved centre.


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 £265.66  Lifestyle Consultant - Personal
Every human being has a limit beyond which they seemingly cannot cope. The traditional focus on coping skills has expanded to include the needs of the whole person necessary for meeting the constant challenges of changes in our day to day environment. This course goes some way in providing the student with a barefoot ...[more] 

 £265.66  Management Accounting
Management accounting is concerned with providing financial information about a particular organisation to managers to help them to manage. Management can be seen as a series of activities which involve decision making, planning and control. Thus management accounting is the collection, analysis, dissemination and int...[more] 

 £71.52  Management Accounting (Skills Course)
The aim of this course is to teach the student how management accounts help the business survive and prosper.[more] 

 £265.66  Managing Finance and Information
This course has been developed to give the student the underpinning knowledge, understanding and skills at managing finance and information systems within organisations. The emphasis is on the management process, giving an understanding of the concepts, theories and systems, and thereby developing the skills needed to...[more] 

 £291.20  Managing People
Management is a broad concept. Trying to encapsulate it in a single definition is bound to be a tricky process. Peter Drucker (The Practice of Management, Heinemann Ltd, 1955) commented: 'Management is a practice rather than a science.' This is somewhat self-evident, but to try to make rules for successful management, ...[more] 

 £240.11  Manicure and Pedicure
Realising the value of a well-groomed exterior in enhancing self confidence, this avenue of beauty therapy is becoming of great importance to both females and males. The primary aim of this course is to prepare students for good employment prospects in the beauty industry. The College has a reputation for friendly and...[more] 

 £265.66  Market Relations
This course looks at the relations of an organisation within the market, including those with customers, other stakeholders and their social responsibilities. Each section gives the student a clear framework in which to review the approaches taken by market-oriented companies in a competitive and changing environment. ...[more] 

 £71.52  Market Research (Skills Course)
This course aims to introduce the student to market research and strategy.[more] 

 £291.20  Marketing
Marketing is concerned with identifying and satisfying customers' and consumers' needs. Its aim is to ensure that the business is able to anticipate changes in these needs, and to gain and retain customers efficiently and profitably. Although marketing is concerned with satisfying these needs, its scope goes far beyon...[more] 

 £214.57  Marketing Advisor
The "Fail to plan, and you plan to fail". In today's fast moving world, businesses need to use marketing planning techniques, understand their customers, and monitor responses, to grow their business. This course provides a structure, shows how to use the building bricks of marketing, and prepare a practical marketing...[more] 

 £291.20  Marketing Communications
Is marketing communications essentially just to do with sales and profits and activities such as advertising? Certainly, you learn in this course that sales and profits, together with the tools and techniques of advertising, are important considerations and tools of marketing communications. Virtually all organisation...[more] 

 £214.57  Marketing Management
The value of the area of study which is called Marketing or Market Management is widely recognised in the modern world of business. A majority of firms, both large and small, contain departments or personnel with the word marketing in their title, for example, Marketing Manager, Marketing Services, The Marketing Depart...[more] 

 £265.66  Marketing Strategy
This course will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to contemporary marketing theory and practice. During your studies, you will become familiar with the importance and the fundamental thinking of this core management function. You will use a wide range of concepts and techniques to analyse the external env...[more] 

 £71.52  Marketing Your Business (Skills Course)
The aim of this course is to help you develop a marketing 'package' that will successfully meet customers' needs. By the end of this course, you will be able to: * define your typical customer * determine what they want * decide why they will buy from you * produce a personalised plan of campaign for ...[more] 

 £342.28  Massage
"Massage is a gentle and effective way of helping the body to heal itself." Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates said "rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid." This is what is so amazing about massage - the same brisk movements that can induce an invigorated feeling can be softened ...[more] 

 £240.11  Massage for Special Needs
Massage is now accepted as being one of the finest ways of relieving tension in the human body, however, it is not generally thought of in terms of those with special needs. The course will not only provide tuition for the able-bodied individual to work with those with either physical or mental special needs, but will...[more] 

 £485.32  Master Herbalist (Phytotherapy)
This comprehensive course delivers a broad spectrum of information on herbal medicine, aromatherapy and the use of flower essences. You will discover the history of herbal medicine, how to cultivate and use herbs for health, cooking, nutrition and beauty, and how to conduct a consultation and prepare external remedies...[more] 

 £163.48  Mediation & Negotiation
This course is designed to equip the student with the skills needed to facilitate and mediate conflict in their day to day business function, or within the community. The aim of the course is to summarise some of the basic guidelines for untrained people who may become involved in negotiation or mediation in group con...[more] 

 £240.11  Medical Office Management
As the need for health services increases, so the need for effective medical office and health management becomes greater. Assistants who provide this crucial function are an important part of this service and subsequently need to prepare themselves well for providing a professional service. In many instances the peop...[more] 

 £189.02  Medicinal Herbs
The Facts For generations families have relied on traditional herbal medicine, much of which is now recognized as scientifically correct. Too often in today's society we receive powerful drugs from our doctors for self-limiting ailments for which it may be more appropriate to call on herbal remedies and a balanced app...[more] 

Displaying 181 to 200 (of 290 courses) Result Pages: [<    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next?>>] 
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