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01. Animal Care Diploma
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Stonebridge Associated Colleges are an established provider of Distance Education and Home Study Courses based in the United Kingdom but with students Worldwide. They have helped tens of thousands of students advance their learning and gain qualifications in their chosen field in ways that are both accessible and flexible.

Stonebridge Associated Colleges’ Nationally Accredited courses lead to Internationally recognised awards. Their courses are recognised by a wide variety of groups, including employers, professional associations, governing bodies, as well as National and International licensing authorities across the World.

On successful completion of your course, you will receive an attractively presented Diploma or Certificate issued by Stonebridge Associated Colleges, this will also allow you to use the letters SAC. Dip. or SAC. Cert. after your name. If you also complete a course accredited by one of the awarding bodies, you may receive another certificate from them, or be eligible for professional membership.

Through their accountability to their associated providers and relevant accreditation bodies, rigorous quality standards, systems of teaching, assessment methods, internal verification and student support functions are all monitored, reviewed and maintained.

Stonebridge guarantee that they meet:
Quality standards for the competence of staff
Standards for the quality of learning resources
Standards for assessment procedures
Their own robust quality assurance process

Stonebridge is a member of the British Association for Open Learning, qualified suppliers of existing materials to the University for Industry, and is an ASET approved centre.


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 £189.02  Meditation
The healing power of meditation An experiential journey through the healing powers of meditation - the key to transcending any and all of life's limitations. Complements all healing mechanisms. A must for life enrichment or for students of yoga, aromatherapy, counselling and holistic health subjects seeking to develo...[more] 

 £291.20  Mental Health and Social Work
By the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic values and principles underlying anti-mentalist practice. This course aims to enable you to critically appraise the major existing theories, models and treatment methods in this field and to critically evaluate the social model of m...[more] 

 £291.20  Meteorology
Having exact measurements of the atmosphere is very important in meteorology. This has been helped by the invention of suitable instruments for observation and by the organisation of a network of observing stations to gather weather data. The art of weather forecasting has challenged many minds and much of the worldly...[more] 

 £112.39  Money Management
Money governs what can be done in any situation. More careful management of money should always provide better value for that which is spent, but even more than that, an awareness of monies available will enable you to make informed decisions on what can be afforded at any one time. Acquiring the skills and knowledge ...[more] 

 £112.39  Mushroom Growing
Over the past 30 years the popularity and consumption of mushrooms has expanded in leaps and bounds worldwide. Mushrooms are relatively easy to grow, and with the advent of a range of home growing kits, the home mushroom farm has become a reality for many a home gardener. This course has been written to teach mushroom...[more] 

 £306.52  Nail Art and Design
Gel nail art and design is the latest trend in the world of nail art and nail enhancements. In principle gel art and design is an achievable procedure. Any design once placed onto an uncured gel colour coating will be able to be dragged using a gel art striper brush into the most intricate of patterns. Gel polishes an...[more] 

 £393.37  Nail Technician - Professional
Do you want to start your own business as a Nail Technician? What about working in a nail bar, department store or beauty salon? The employment opportunities for qualified nail technicians are on the increase, and the Nail Technician Professional Diploma Course is the perfect course to turn your dreams into reality.[more] 

 £137.93  Natural Nail Manicure
Manicures are given to bring out the best of hands and nails and promote a sense of well being in the client. This is achieved through the use of:- * Soaking the hand * Cleaning the hand's nails * Shaping the hand's nails * Removing & moisturising the cuticle of the nail........................[more] 

 £214.57  Novel Writing
Agatha Christie once said "The best time for planning a book is while you're doing the dishes" Whether writing simply for the pleasure of seeing your thoughts take shape as words on paper or writing to achieve publication, this course is for you. The course is structured to help you achieve each goal in the novel writ...[more] 

 £163.48  Numerology
The ancients placed great importance in names and numerologists believe that names are not arrived at by chance. This magical science is based on the fact that the name of a person, place, or thing contains the very essence of its being. Numerology was devised by the Egyptians to prevent their enemies from being able ...[more] 

 £265.66  Nutrition
Columbia University Press has defined nutrition as the "study of the materials that nourish an organism and of the manner in which the separate components are used for maintenance, repair, growth, and reproduction." This course aims to introduce the student to the importance of nutrition in our everyday lives, and the...[more] 

 £265.66  Nutrition for Children & Adolescents
Obesity is fast turning into an "epidemic" disease, not only in adults, but in our children too. It is estimated that up to 15 % of all children in the UK are overweight or obese (Bupa). Whilst up to 34% of all children in the USA are overweight or obese (NPD Group). "Over the last fifty years, there has been a change...[more] 

 £265.66  Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional medicine is a holistic therapy, focusing on the whole person, whilst ameliorating symptoms. Breakthroughs in nutrition are continually generating new ideas and concepts giving valuable information.[more] 

 £137.93  Office Management
Like it or not, every manager has to organise his or her work place. It may involve organising one department or the entire business. We organise to develop good work habits. When organising we take a realistic look at the future, then try to accurately forecast problems, determine alternative strategies to these prob...[more] 

 £265.66  Operating Environment
This course is concerned with increasing the student's awareness and understanding of the environment in which organisations operate. It provides a framework in which to review the economic, political and social contents of business activity. Packed with examples from real business, self-assessment exercises, assignme...[more] 

 £291.20  Operations Management
Operations management is concerned with the ways of achieving the most effective and efficient use of an organisation's resources, such as its financial and human resources, its capital resources and its raw materials. It is concerned with making a better product or service and with making it more efficiently or at lo...[more] 

 £240.11  Operations Planning Control
The benefits of an effective Operations Planning and Control (OPC) system can be impressive. Vollmann (1997) quotes examples of cost reduction, increased labour productivity, reduced lead times, and increased inventory turns. The scope for improvement is often very great as there are many weak OPC systems. OPC systems...[more] 

 £265.66  Organisation Structures and Processes
This course provides a framework for students to examine the varied and dynamic nature of organisations' structures and internal relations. The aim throughout is to enhance personal and organisational effectiveness and to identify both alternative structures and common patterns of behaviour in organisations. Packed wi...[more] 

 £240.11  Oriental Health Diagnosis
Illness can be diagnosed by identifying whether there is a deficiency, sinking, stagnating or rebellious chi. [Rebellious-chi is any chi that is flowing in the wrong direction]. These are called “Identification of Patterns of Illness”. Chi is an unseen energy, yet it is present in everything. The body contains chi, flu...[more] 

 £316.74  Oriental Remedial Therapist
The Orientals look at a person as a whole - body, mind, spirit and emotions - as a whole interactive, fully functioning unit and a diagnosis is made accordingly. This study programme looks at how the Oriental approach aims at treating the cause of the condition thereby alleviating and clearing away the symptoms, thus ...[more] 

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