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01. Animal Care Diploma
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03. Environmental Waste Management Diploma
04. Sports Physiology Diploma
05. Business and the Environment Diploma
06. Diet and Nutrition Advisor
07. Dress Making and Fashion Design
08. Effective Public Speaking
09. Fitness Management Diploma
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Stonebridge Associated Colleges are an established provider of Distance Education and Home Study Courses based in the United Kingdom but with students Worldwide. They have helped tens of thousands of students advance their learning and gain qualifications in their chosen field in ways that are both accessible and flexible.

Stonebridge Associated Colleges’ Nationally Accredited courses lead to Internationally recognised awards. Their courses are recognised by a wide variety of groups, including employers, professional associations, governing bodies, as well as National and International licensing authorities across the World.

On successful completion of your course, you will receive an attractively presented Diploma or Certificate issued by Stonebridge Associated Colleges, this will also allow you to use the letters SAC. Dip. or SAC. Cert. after your name. If you also complete a course accredited by one of the awarding bodies, you may receive another certificate from them, or be eligible for professional membership.

Through their accountability to their associated providers and relevant accreditation bodies, rigorous quality standards, systems of teaching, assessment methods, internal verification and student support functions are all monitored, reviewed and maintained.

Stonebridge guarantee that they meet:
Quality standards for the competence of staff
Standards for the quality of learning resources
Standards for assessment procedures
Their own robust quality assurance process

Stonebridge is a member of the British Association for Open Learning, qualified suppliers of existing materials to the University for Industry, and is an ASET approved centre.


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 £536.41  Chinese Medical Theory
The course is designed to introduce you to Chinese Medical Theory. It is believed to be the first course aimed at understanding this subject without having to attend university or other full and part-time courses. In all, over 1250 different topics, in 57 lessons this course will grow into a valuable reference book for...[more] 

 £418.91  Clinical Nutrition
The Facts This innovative course brings together many aspects of nutrition in a very holistic approach. The varied skills you will acquire are a significant feature of this course. Features A course structured to not only provide students with an programme which is vocational, but also it aims to provide job opportu...[more] 

 £316.74  Clinical Weight Control
The whole issue of weight control is far more complex than simply controlling food intake - hence the massive failure rate of "diets". This course will enable students to integrate the latest information in a safe programme for weight control. This course deals in depth with both the physiology and psychology of weig...[more] 

 £291.20  Clothing Production
This course is concerned with the basic tools of production management, the tools of supervision. It is structured so that it can form the basis of a supervisors' or junior managers' course.[more] 

 £440.63  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
A professional training course in Cognitive Behavioural Training (Therapy). Suitable for new students and existing therapists or coaches who wish to add CBT methods to their professional toolbox.[more] 

 £316.74  Colour Reflexology
Colour and reflexology therapy are combined to dramatically increase the healing potential of the body. This course provides advanced knowledge and skills which can be used in the practice. Course work assessment after each assignment with constant tutor support to motivate and encourage you.[more] 

 £291.20  Colour Therapy
Colour Therapy or Chromotherapy has been successfully used since ancient times and has been a part of medical practise for many centuries past. Colour is the soul of nature and by experiencing the life of colour, we participate in this soul - this is how Rudolph Steiner described the value of colour. It is obvious th...[more] 

 £189.02  Communication Skills
There must be many people who found conventional English language classes at school difficult and who have now taken jobs where face-to-face situations with customers and clients demand a certain facility with the language. It is for such individuals that this course is intended. The student will probably already be...[more] 

 £137.93  Communication Techniques
There must be many people who found conventional English language classes at school difficult and who have now taken jobs where face-to-face situations with customers and clients demand a certain facility with the language. It is for such individuals that this course is intended.[more] 

 £265.66  Complementary Health Care
Do you feel you want to take preventative and or a complementary approach to your health care? Then this course will go a long way to assist you in finding a happy balance and what you feel is a suitable alternative to your health care needs.[more] 

 £291.20  Comprehensive Writing
Our Comprehensive Writing Course will show you how to write by using the things you know best: your life experiences, your interests, your hobbies, your talents, and your skills. The course and instructional materials are the result of many years' painstaking research into every facet of writing. The course has been c...[more] 

 £137.93  Compulsive Behavioural Disorders
Persons suffering from compulsive behaviour disorders are usually subjected to advice and guidance which is somewhat one-sided, often based on ignorance of the subject in question and knowledge of the areas of help available. This course is formulated and facilitated for the interest of the more enlightened student w...[more] 

 £189.02  Conflict Management
This course has been designed for people seeking to understand the nature of conflict and provides a series of techniques to deal effectively with conflict and hostility. Students can be drawn from any environment where conflict, anger and hostility are encountered either by telephone or in personal contact with clie...[more] 

 £291.20  Conservation Diploma
Man is creating an urban environment where so many goods are being concentrated that consumer desire, comparable to predatory instinct, is being over stimulated. Conservation is the wise use of the earth's resources, so that they can support, or sustain, the generations yet to come. This can be done in many ways and in different situations.

 £71.52  Costing and Pricing (Skills Course)
This course aims to teach you how costing and pricing can help you to make better business decisions.[more] 

 £342.28  Counselling Children & Adolescents
Counsellors help the client find their own answers and become more in charge of their own lives rather than less so; to be able to live their own life rather than be lived by it. Features: With educational establishments looking to provide professional, in-house counselling for their students, there are ever increa...[more] 

 £137.93  Creative Imagery
Visualisation therapy can be a powerful and beneficial force. It teaches techniques to benefit health, to assist other natural healing processes and to reinforce positive feelings and well-being. Visualisation is using the conscious mind to imagine positive events based on the fact that there is a close link between ...[more] 

 £71.52  Credit Control (Skills Course)
This course aims to show you the best methods to use in order to get paid promptly.[more] 

 £189.02  Credit Management
With the development of business to its present extent, trading on credit has increased to considerable proportions. Managing the business money is therefore an essential skill to ensure a business obtains the best return on its revenue and to ensure a business thrives on a correct credit policy. The course provides...[more] 

 £214.57  Crime Writing
Crime can pay! At least it does when you can write a good detective, mystery or crime story. Have you witnessed in recent years the overwhelming number of television shows, motion pictures and novels dealing in crime and the number of hungry fans devouring these stories the moment they are produced? This fast growing i...[more] 

Displaying 61 to 80 (of 290 courses) Result Pages: [<    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 ...  [Next?>>] 
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