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01. Animal Care Diploma
02. Teaching Assistant
03. Environmental Waste Management Diploma
04. Sports Physiology Diploma
05. Business and the Environment Diploma
06. Diet and Nutrition Advisor
07. Dress Making and Fashion Design
08. Effective Public Speaking
09. Fitness Management Diploma
10. Anatomy & Physiology



Stonebridge Associated Colleges are an established provider of Distance Education and Home Study Courses based in the United Kingdom but with students Worldwide. They have helped tens of thousands of students advance their learning and gain qualifications in their chosen field in ways that are both accessible and flexible.

Stonebridge Associated Colleges’ Nationally Accredited courses lead to Internationally recognised awards. Their courses are recognised by a wide variety of groups, including employers, professional associations, governing bodies, as well as National and International licensing authorities across the World.

On successful completion of your course, you will receive an attractively presented Diploma or Certificate issued by Stonebridge Associated Colleges, this will also allow you to use the letters SAC. Dip. or SAC. Cert. after your name. If you also complete a course accredited by one of the awarding bodies, you may receive another certificate from them, or be eligible for professional membership.

Through their accountability to their associated providers and relevant accreditation bodies, rigorous quality standards, systems of teaching, assessment methods, internal verification and student support functions are all monitored, reviewed and maintained.

Stonebridge guarantee that they meet:
Quality standards for the competence of staff
Standards for the quality of learning resources
Standards for assessment procedures
Their own robust quality assurance process

Stonebridge is a member of the British Association for Open Learning, qualified suppliers of existing materials to the University for Industry, and is an ASET approved centre.


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 £362.72  Reflexology
"After all, health is only two feet away!" Reflexology is one of the fastest growing holistic therapies now gaining worldwide acceptance. It is based on the scientific principle that every organ in the body is reflected in certain reflexes in the feet. The feet are a microcosm of the human body. By manipulating the r...[more] 

 £367.82  Aromatherapy Diploma NCFE Level 4
"Aromatherapy is the fragrant art of using specially selected aromatic oils for therapeutic purposes. It is one of the fastest growing complementary therapies in the world."[more] 

 £367.82  Holistic Health Therapist
"Be really whole and all things will come to you." - Lao-Tzu All illness is a manifestation of imbalance somewhere in the human makeup, these manifestations or imbalances are the body's attempts to re-create balance. This innovative diploma course is designed to provide opportunities for students to work as Holistic...[more] 

 £163.48  Practice Promotion & Management
"For the successful therapist" You may be the most competent therapist that has ever walked on the planet, but if you have no knowledge of managing your business it will be of little help in keeping you employed. We believe is one of the most important courses you could ever take.[more] 

 £316.74  Homeopathy NCFE Level 4
"Homeopathic treatment is not suppressive nor does ithave any side effects. It works directly with the body' systems to enable it to function in balance as the body is inherently designed to do." The principle of "like can cure like" is the basis of Homeopathy. The principles and practice of Homeopathy have remained l...[more] 

 £291.20  Beauty Therapist
"How long you live rests largely in your own hands. So does how well you live, how much vitality you have and how good you will look in twenty years' time." Leslie Kenton, Ageless Ageing - The Natural Way to Stay Young. The beauty therapist with the correct qualifications will be able to advise clients about skin and ...[more] 

 £125.00  Debt Management Skills
"How to help yourself and others out of the debt trap" It is almost impossible to watch any news programme without hearing a reference to the increasing debt levels that have been incurred by the majority of the population. The easy availability of credit over the late 1990’s and early 2000’s led people to take on big...[more] 

 £291.20  Feng Shui
"In China, many people believe that to remain healthy and create wealth and happiness it is necessary to maintain a healthy environment in which to live and work." Many businesses both large and small rely on ancient Chinese rules to dictate how their buildings and offices are laid out, even the work desk should conf...[more] 

 £189.02  Dysfunctional Family Counselling
"In the acquisition of a new habit, or the leaving of an old one we must take care to launch ourselves with as strong and decided initiative as possible." No family consciously makes a decision to become dysfunctional and do harm to its members. However, there is a strong attraction that dwells in our memory of the p...[more] 

 £342.28  Massage
"Massage is a gentle and effective way of helping the body to heal itself." Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates said "rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid." This is what is so amazing about massage - the same brisk movements that can induce an invigorated feeling can be softened ...[more] 

 £291.20  Flower Essence Therapy
"People call this The Age of Flowers, knowing that many hearts will be healed as we live in a world of ever increasing turmoil." The flower essence is the Life-Force of the flower extracted and then preserved in a liquid form. These remedies work vibrationally in a holistically organised system for the healing of huma...[more] 

 £265.66  Crystal Healing
"Since time immemorial, crystals and stones have fascinated mankind having close assocations with astrology." The power and the energy of crystals can be remarkable, particularly in the field of healing where crystals play an important role in releasing and clearing negative energies. Each crystal has a unique vibrati...[more] 

 £240.11  Prevention and Control of Infection Diploma

The course has been written to be relevant to a wide range of environments and is ideal for learners who wish to gain an understanding of the causes of infection and how these can be managed and controlled.


 £240.11  Dementia Awareness Diploma

There are approximately 750,000 people in this country who have some form of a dementia. This course is designed for anyone who wishes to improve their knowledge and understanding of the condition and of how to apply the principles of ‘person-centred’ dementia care.


 £265.66  Business Communications

Thses days managers and staff are having to spend an increasing proportion of their working time on communication, and skill in the exercise of this function is most necessary if they are to be effective.


 £316.74  Airline Fare Construction & Ticketing Level 1
A clear understanding of Fares and Ticketing procedures is essential for students wishing to undertake work in travel agencies and airports. This subject aims to provide students with a working knowledge of fare construction and ticketing. Students who successfully complete the examination will be awarded Worldwide...[more] 

 £265.66  Holistic Back Practitioner
A number of therapies have success with back problems to various degrees. One shortfall with this is our own individual uniqueness. What works for one, may not work for someone else. The basis of this course, is that it offers a bundle of techniques, approaches and ideas from a broad spectrum of therapies that do work....[more] 

 £440.63  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
A professional training course in Cognitive Behavioural Training (Therapy). Suitable for new students and existing therapists or coaches who wish to add CBT methods to their professional toolbox.[more] 

 £240.11  Teenage Beauty Make-Over Specialist
A rewarding career opportunity in the well developed beauty industry. Learn the skills that will make you redundancy proof. The ultimate beauty make-over especially developed for the teenage market to improve appearance and boost self-esteem.[more] 

 £265.66  Business Accounting
Accounting has become an essential part of business life, and the knowledge and skills that you will learn in your studies will give you a broader and more experienced view of business life. The course has been written to introduce you to the bookkeeping and accounting skills required in Britain and around the world. ...[more] 

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