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Human Physiology and Health Diploma [SH] 175.00

Diploma in Human Physiology and Health

The course will:

 increase your understanding of the physical structure of the human body
 enable you to maintain your health better through an improved knowledge of the way your body functions
 help you understand the physical and chemical ways in which humans resemble other organisms
 apply sound scientific principles to the ways in which you obtain and use information
 enable you to interpret data accurately
 help you to design investigations and to know how the results can enable you to draw different conclusions
 understand the principles behind a control experiment, and  why they are often essential to draw meaningful results

Student Profile
This programme is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of Human Physiology & Health for work or recreational purposes.  No prior knowledge is required

Study Method
The course is designed for study by distance learning at work or at home.  Students receive course manual, assignments and studyguide plus tutor support

Successful students will receive a Study House Diploma.  The syllabus follows that of the AQA GCSE in Human Physiology & Health but in order to obtain that award, students will need to make arrangements to sit the exam at a registered exams centre.

Assessment takes the form of a series of tutor marked assignments plus one extended essay

Entry Requirements
There are no entry requirements

The programme takes place over a timescale to suit the student.  Once registered, tutor support is available for up to one year or until completion whichever is the soonest.

The programme is home or work-based enabling students to complete the course without having to attend scheduled college teaching sessions.

Tutor Support
Throughout the course, students will receive tutor support by telephone and by post.

Course Outline
Module One:  Essential Principles

 Living Things
 The Chemistry of Life

Module Two:  Energy and Respiration
 Diet and the Respiratory System
 Digesting and using food
 Photosynthesis, Food Chains and Web
 The Respiratory System

Tutor-Marked Assignment A

Module Three :  Perception and Reaction
 Receiving information
 Acting on information

Module Four: Physiology and Homeostasis
 The Blood Circulatory System
 Skeleton and Muscles

Tutor-Marked Assignment B

Module Five: Reproduction and Variation
 Variation and Selection

Module Six:  Humans and their Environment
 Micro-Organisms and Health 
 Defence of the Body against Infection and Illness
 Treating Injury and Illness
 Human Populations and Ecosystems
 Practical Ecology

Tutor-Marked Assignment C

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