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Professional Photography Diploma [LI] £485.00

The Learning Institute

Now ASET Level 4 Accredited!!

Diploma in Professional Photography

There's never been a better time to become a freelance photographer.

The number of new magazines continues to grow. And all of them need photos.
People continue to get married, and their wedding photos are among their most treasured possessions.
Parents want photos of their children. Schools want team photos. And companies always need photos for brochures and press releases.
Your local newspaper wants photos. And so do the picture agencies. Have you thought about selling your work for calendars or postcards? Or approaching advertising agencies? The list is endless.
But how do you set yourself up as a freelance? That's one of the many secrets we teach.

Many photography courses promise to show you how to become a better photographer. But far fewer train you to become a pro.

There's a reason for that. Not many people understand the nuts and bolts of the freelance business. The records you keep. How you look for work. How to get paid. And what to charge.

Having a client commission your first assignment is a real thrill. It's surpassed only by the pleasure of receiving a cheque. Imagine getting paid for doing what you enjoy!

Photography courses show you the way. Photography can be your main work. Or it can provide a second income. You can work from home, either part or full time, and you get to meet interesting people. Every day is different.

What you'll learn on your course

Photography as a living.
You’re going to become a freelance professional photographer. Here’s how to achieve that. What you need to get started. You need less than you imagine. We show how you can get started at very low cost.

How to make your photos look like a professional’s.
What distinguishes pros’ photos from amateurs, and how to get that look. This module alone will turn you into a professional.

Making your holiday photos pay. And how to get free holidays.

Portraits – why families love them, and how you can get commissions.
Presenting your portraiture results. How to get portrait business. Pros and cons of working from home or a studio. Child portraits – a permanent reminder that safeguards those precious memories. You can earn a great living specializing in child portraits.

Become a photo journalist.
Capture pix of celebrities and events as they happen. Then sell the photos around the world. We show you how to anticipate life’s drama, and how to be on the spot when they happen. Tips from the paparazzi.

Manipulating your digital photos to make them look great.

Selling sports photos. Who buys, and how to get the pictures right.

Wedding photography (1)
How to get assignments. The wedding market. Your vital preparations, price lists, brochures, and dealing with potential clients.

Wedding photography (2)
The big day dawns and you’re there to capture it. Videoing weddings.

Wedding photography (3)
Presenting your photos, and getting extra orders.

Cheesecake and beefcake!
Take pictures of beautiful women and men. Plus, how to make anyone look great! We show you how to find the models, get the right poses, and organize the shoot. Then sell those photos! Plus, the legal requirements. NB This is an optional module - you don't have to take it.

Taking photos for your local newspaper and magazines.
See your photos in print! Doing your research.

School, college and social photographs.
How to find the work. And how to get groups to feel at ease.

Equipment for the specialist photographer
Sometimes, you need extra kit. Here’s what to buy or rent, and how to save money.

The exciting world of advertising agencies.
Take pictures of products and services, and see them turn up in client’s brochures and website. All you need to know about studio pack shots.

Business pictures.
Photos of offices, buildings, events and other commercial topics are well paid. We spill the secrets of how to get work. And how to get the right photos on the day.

PR photography.
Go to parties and events, and capture the moment when prizes are awarded.

The great outdoors.
If you love landscapes, you can make money from your photos. We explain the secrets of the pros, and who you can sell your images to.

Fashion photography.
How to break into this lucrative and exciting world, and travel the world.

How to set up your own photography business. And how to maximize your income.
Marketing your services. Selling to photo-libraries, plus calendars, postcards and screen savers. Filing systems and care of your material. Tips from the pros. Being organized.

How to get a job in photography.
Maybe you want a full-time job? Here’s how to get a well-paid one.

What's In Your Pack?

A sturdily bound set of 21 course modules that lie flat for ease of study. Detailed, practical information that guides you towards becoming a professional photographer.

15 tutor-marked assignments. Your assignments will be carefully assessed with personal advice by your tutor.

Stylish box for your course materials.

Study guide and planner that helps you organize your study.

Question and Answer sheets for you to have your queries answered.

Press Pass - gets you free entry to many events.

Personalized Letter of Introduction from the Institute - it gets you discounts and assistance.

Copyright-free checklists, questionnaires, exercises, quizzes and action plans for you to use on your clients. It's a complete toolkit that gets you started as a photographer.

A confidential personal profile for you to complete. This helps you assess your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, and your progress.

Self-assessment exercises. They occur throughout the course to help check that you can tackle each type of photography.

A text book to accompany the course materials.

Photographic software to use on your computer.

The contact details for your personal tutor.

Details of how to contact other students.

On completing the course
When you complete the course, you'll get:

A handsome Diploma to frame and display on your wall.

A 'Certified Professional Photographer' logo to use on your notepaper and your website.

Your name on the 'Approved Photographers' listing.

We'll send a free press release to your local newspapers announcing your success (if you request it). 
Continued support from your tutor (Optional, involves a separate fee).


You also get a FREE Professional Photographer's Manual. It includes:
- Sample forms
- Publicity material
- Pricing recommendations
- Filing systems
- List of slide libraries
- Useful organizations and publications
- Much more besides

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