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01. Introduction PC's and Application Software
02. Web Page Designer
03. A + Certification
04. European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL)
05. Microsoft Project 2000
06. Network+ Certification
07. SQL Server 2000: Designing & Implementing Database

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With the world of IT constantly changing, there will always be a need for professionals who have completed IT vocational training courses. Whether you want to build on computer skills you already have, or are looking to take your first steps into a computer-related career, we have a range of distance learning computer courses designed to help you to reach your goal. We provide a wide choice of home study computer courses to suit every need - from the beginner looking to learn the computing basics, to the engineer seeking a recognised Microsoft Certification. Most home study computer courses come in CD or online format and are designed to be flexible learning courses - setting you free to learn at a pace that suits you. Whatever your goal in the world of IT, you can do it with the help of NETg distance learning computer courses from Learning at Home .
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Microsoft Office XP - New Features
This curriculum provides a general overview of new productivity and information handling tools. It concentrates on new features within Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office XP software.[more] 

Microsoft Outlook 2000
The Microsoft Outlook 2000 Curriculum teachs learners how to use Outlook effectively to communicate with others and organize their schedules and work. After completing this curriculum, learners will be able to send messages to people inside and outside their organization, schedule appointments and meetings, maintain a contact list, and organize their activities with tasks, notes, and journal entries.[more] 

Microsoft PowerPoint 2000
The Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Curriculum will give learners the skills and knowledge necessary to be able to create, edit, enhance, and run PowerPoint 2000 presentations.[more] 

Microsoft Powerpoint 2002
This curriculum presents the learner with the skills to both become proficient and master advanced skills in Microsoft PowerPoint 2002. Topics covered include the basics of PowerPoint, how to create and modify presentations, add graphics, presentation enhancements, how to insert charts and tables, import objects and make the final presentation as professional as possible.[more] 

Microsoft Project 2000
This curriculum will provide learners with a foundation for using Project 2000. Learners will be given a thorough overview of the features of Project, taught how to create, communicate and track a Project plan.[more] 

Microsoft Windows XP User Curriculum
Microsoft Windows XP is the new operating system from Microsoft. Based on the Windows 2000 code base, Windows XP has been represented as a big release for Microsoft one that will be similar to the revolutionary release of Windows 95.  [more] 

Microsoft Word 2002
This curriculum introduces the learner to the fundamental, advanced and expert user elements of Word 2002. Topics covered include the creation of documents, use of Word Help, document enhancement, table and column management, in addition to visual enhancements to include WordArt, and graphics.[more] 

Network+ Certification
If you're interested in becoming a Network administrator or PC Support Specialist, then the CompTIA sponsored Network Certification course could be right up your street.[more] 

PC Repair & Upgrading
Isn't it time you upgraded your CV?As computers play a major role in both our home and work life today, people with specialists PC skills are in demand more than ever before.[more] 

Server+ Certification
If you're interested in a course that deals with advanced PC hardware issues, then the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) sponsored Server Certification could be the perfect choice for you.[more] 

SQL Server 2000: Database Administration
The Implementing a Database Design on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Curriculum is designed for IT professionals responsible for implementing a database solution with Microsoft SQL Server 7.[more] 

SQL Server 2000: Designing & Implementing Database
The availability of data and information is a key driver in modern corporate life. To make competent informed business decisions, people need to be able to access data when they want it, be confident that the data is both timely and accurate, and get the data in the desired format.[more] 

The Guide to E-Business
If you've ever wondered how the Internet has helped create so many millionaires, or has been the downfall of so many companies, then The Guide to e-Business Course will answer all of your questions.[more] 

The Guide to E-Commerce
If you're interested in the service side, and the buying and selling of goods over the Internet, and wonder exactly how it's done, then The Guide to e-Commerce Course could give you all of your answers.[more] 

Web Page Designer
What designs do you have for your future?With so many businesses relying on the Web as an avenue to sell their products, is it any wonder that there's a world of employment opportunities out these for good web page designers.[more] 

Windows 2000: Designing a Directory Services Infrastruture
The courses in this curriculum focus on providing the knowledge and skills necessary for IT professionals to analyze and design for the common architectural elements of Active Directory.[more] 

Windows 2000: Designing Security Curriculum
This curriculum provides participants with an opportunity to learn the Windows 2000 security model and technologies to plan for a secure enterprise network. This curriculum consists of five Skill Builder courses: Course 72437 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network - Designing Security Part 1: Security Planning Course 72438 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network - Designing Security Part 2: Securing Local Networks Course 72439 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network - Designing Security Part 3: Securing Remote Access Course 72440 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network - Designing Security Part 4: Securing Internet Access Course 72441 Microsoft Windows 2000 Network - Designing Security Part 5: Securing Access to Partners.[more] 

Windows 2000: Directory Services Infrastruture
The courses in this curriculum focus on providing the knowledge and skills necessary for experienced support professionals to install, configure and troubleshoot Active Directory.[more] 

Windows 2000: Installation, Configuration and Administration
This curriculum will provide IT professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement, administer, and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional and Server.  [more] 

Windows 2000: Network Infrastructure Administration
This curriculum provides IT professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze the business requirements for a network. Students will learn to install, manage, monitor, configure, and troubleshoot DNS, DHCP, Remote Access, Network Protocols, IP Routing, and WINS in a Windows 2000 network infrastructure.[more] 

Displaying 21 to 40 (of 41 courses) Result Pages: [<<ý Prev]   1  2  3  [Next >>]