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09. A Level Biology
10. GCSE Biology

What do I need to get started on a course?
For most courses you don't need any previous experience or qualifications. All you need is a desire to succeed!  
How does the distance learning method work?
To make studying as flexible and convenient as possible, all paper-based courses are divided into bite-sized modules that consist of clearly identified study units. You work through each unit at your own pace. At the end of each unit there is a testpaper for you to complete and send to your tutor for marking. Your tutor will return this to you with your mark and any comments.

With all the courses you only move on to a new module after successfully completing the previous one - and only when you feel ready. With useful tips and self-assessments at every stage, you'll find your confidence and ability increasing steadily as you progress.  
How do I study using a NETg or ICS CD?
If you choose a CD course, you'll have the benefit of Skill Builder learning software which identifies your learning needs before you start, ensuring that you don't waste time going over things you already know or moving too far ahead before you are ready. With audio and visual instructions, you progress at your own pace, completing self assessment at the end of each topic so you can measure your progress.  The Linkword language course method is explained in each courses description. Just click on a course to see.
Do I have to complete my course within a set period?
For most of the courses you have a three year study and support guarantee which means we will provide you with the materials and assistance you need to complete your course within this period.  
How quickly will I receive my course material?
Once your payment has been processed your enrolment should be processed within two days and your course materials delivered within two weeks.  
What support will I receive?
Studying at home doesn't mean studying alone.
For all of the  paper based courses, you will benefit from the support of a Personal Tutor, experienced in helping students in a distance learning situtation. Your tutor will mark and comment on your work, providing feedback and encouragement, plus answering any queries you may have.

All students on ICS courses have access to the  ICS Student Advisors, who are only a phone call away and can provide you with practical assistance throughout your course. In addition, all Learning at Home students have 24/7 access to our help desk via e-mail or by telephone on from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday. 
Will I have to sit an examination?
For ICS Diploma courses there is generally no examination - you are assessed on a continuous basis. For other qualifications where an examination is required, you will receive all the information you need to make your exam arrangements with your first study shipment. For most courses, exams are held in centres across the UK so you shouldn't have far to travel to sit your exams. Please note exam fees are not included in your course fee.  
Can I study from outside the UK?
Yes! All courses are availabe to overseas students. If there is an exam as part of your course you may be able to arrange to sit the exam at your local British Council. Students are required to return to the UK for all GCSE/A Level exams. On rare occasions they can be arranged through the British Consulate, but this is the exception rather than the rule. Further information will be provided with your first study shipment.  
What will I receive at the end of my course?
For all ICS and NETg courses you will receive a Diploma or a recognised qualification from the awarding body of you course. 

What security is there when I order on line?
All transactions are protected by 128 bit encryption, the highest comercially available level. Our secure server transactions are handled on our www.chaching.co.uk server. Secure satus is indicated in one or both of two ways: the prefix "https" in the URL address bar of your browser and the appearence of a small yellow padlock icon at the lower right of your browser border. In any case the "https" prefix will always be displayed in the URL address bar when you are on the secure server.

Sounds good - what do I do next?
It's easy! Just add your chosen course to your shopping basket and proceed to the check out. In a few simple steps you can look forward to that new job, bigger pay packet and self-fulfilment you deserve.

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