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01. Anatomy & Physiology Diploma Level 3
02. Life Coaching Diploma
03. Aromatherapy Diploma Level 3
04. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma
05. Anatomy & Physiology
06. Anatomy and Physiology - Advanced
07. Cognitive Therapy Diploma Level 3
08. Flower Remedies Diploma
09. Aromatherapy Diploma NCFE Level 4
10. Clinical Hypnotherapy Diploma Level 3

Alternative Therapy


Alternative Medicine

More and more people are turning away from conventional medicine and turning to alternative therapy, to the point that nowadays conventional doctors have the ability to refer patients to an alternative practitioner. Here we have a range of courses covering alternative therapies.

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 £1,350.00  Foot Health Practitioner
There is no greater satisfaction than to care for others, and our Foot Health Care Course gives you the opportunity to do just that in your own practice. The human foot is one of the most complex and neglected of body parts. Every step we take places two and a half times our body weight on the 26 bones that make up eac...[more] 

 £1,850.00  Foot Health Practitioner (Advanced)
There is no greater satisfaction than to care for others, and our Foot Health Care Course gives you the opportunity to do just that in your own practice. The human foot is one of the most complex and neglected of body parts. Every step we take places two and a half times our body weight on the 26 bones that make up eac...[more] 

 £260.00  Hand Reflexology
Reflexology is now being commonly accepted as one of the primary, complementary therapies for the reduction of stress and general health maintenance. Although usually practised on the feet, reflexology to the hands is just as beneficial, especially if the feet cannot be used because of, for example, an injury or an inf...[more] 

 £185.00  Health & Well-Being
This unique course is designed to develop your understanding of the nature and scope of human health and well-being. Your ability to grasp the fundamentals will equip you for a better understanding of specific and more in-depth areas.[more] 

 £210.00  Herbalism
Unsurpassed in efficacy and in its complete safety, in use, it is the salvation of many thousands of chronic cases which as a last and final resort, often in despair, have found new hope and renewed health through the use of sonic simple herbal remedies. Today as a result of modern scientific research and analysis, we...[more] 

 £285.00  Herbalism - Clinical
The Facts This course furnishes the students with the skills necessary to diagnose symptoms and signs and prescribe curative prescriptions for a wide range of health problems. Features An outstanding feature of this course is a proven method whereby suspected disease state can be identified in their early stages. Si...[more] 

 £260.00  Holistic Back Practitioner
A number of therapies have success with back problems to various degrees. One shortfall with this is our own individual uniqueness. What works for one, may not work for someone else. The basis of this course, is that it offers a bundle of techniques, approaches and ideas from a broad spectrum of therapies that do work....[more] 

 £385.00  Holistic Beauty Therapist
This innovative course has been specifically designed for the therapist who wishes to have the complete training in Beauty treatments which include, massage, aromatherapy, diet and nutrition and reflexology. The main benefits of this course is the vast and the diverse range of therapies covered which students will be ...[more] 

 £260.00  Holistic Healing
Learn to animate the vital force within to bring mind, body, emotions and spirit back into balance. This form of therapy is excellent for treating illness, stress or injury. Holistic Healing is a useful tool. It is remarkable for relieving the distress and discomfort of pain. It combines well with Physiotherapy, Kines...[more] 

 £385.00  Holistic Healing Professional Practitioner
This advanced practitioner training course covers a range of energy healing methods including Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy and Chakra Healing. It also provides training in Autogenic Healing, Relaxation Therapy, basic NLP use in healing, Inner Child Therapy and Basic Counselling/Interviewing Skills. In total the gra...[more] 

 £360.00  Holistic Health Therapist
"Be really whole and all things will come to you." - Lao-Tzu All illness is a manifestation of imbalance somewhere in the human makeup, these manifestations or imbalances are the body's attempts to re-create balance. This innovative diploma course is designed to provide opportunities for students to work as Holistic...[more] 

 £285.00  Holistic Massage
Put briefly, holistic massage is a type of tissue manipulation that has been in use and developed over thousands of years. It uses the hands, parts of the body or mechanical means to actually manipulate the softer tissues within the body e.g.: the skin, muscles, ligaments and tendons. It has been used throughout time ...[more] 

 £310.00  Homeopathy NCFE Level 4
"Homeopathic treatment is not suppressive nor does ithave any side effects. It works directly with the body' systems to enable it to function in balance as the body is inherently designed to do." The principle of "like can cure like" is the basis of Homeopathy. The principles and practice of Homeopathy have remained l...[more] 

 £235.00  Hopi Ear Candling
Hopi Ear Candling (or Thermo-Auricular Therapy) is a deeply relaxing, calming and soothing treatment offering real and marked benefits for many problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat areas. Ear candles are an ancient, mild and natural therapy and have been used by the Native American Indian fo...[more] 

 £110.00  Inner Healing
Rational Emotive Therapy (RET) teaches a positive approach for dealing with feelings by changing the way you talk to yourself. This course offers the student an insight to how the application of RET principles, developed by Dr. Albert Ellis, can help a person cope with upsetting feelings without succumbing to self-defe...[more] 

 £310.00  Iridology
When Iridology originated back in Biblical times, it was thought that a healthy eye indicated a healthy body Iridology is an extremely powerful naturopathic diagnostic tool. Diagnosis from the iris of the eye is an invaluable and fascinating technique for both immediate self-daignosis and patient diagnosis in any alte...[more] 

 £595.00  Life Coaching Diploma
Life Coaching is an extremely rewarding and lucrative career option, with many people having a life coach to help with all aspects of life. On achieving your Diploma, you will have the fundamentals to enable you to successfully practice as a Life Coach.[more] 

 £335.00  Massage
"Massage is a gentle and effective way of helping the body to heal itself." Over 2000 years ago Hippocrates said "rubbing can bind a joint that is too loose and loosen a joint that is too rigid." This is what is so amazing about massage - the same brisk movements that can induce an invigorated feeling can be softened ...[more] 

 £235.00  Massage for Special Needs
Massage is now accepted as being one of the finest ways of relieving tension in the human body, however, it is not generally thought of in terms of those with special needs. The course will not only provide tuition for the able-bodied individual to work with those with either physical or mental special needs, but will...[more] 

 £475.00  Master Herbalist (Phytotherapy)
This comprehensive course delivers a broad spectrum of information on herbal medicine, aromatherapy and the use of flower essences. You will discover the history of herbal medicine, how to cultivate and use herbs for health, cooking, nutrition and beauty, and how to conduct a consultation and prepare external remedies...[more] 

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