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01. Business Administration Diploma Level 3
02. Credit Control & Debt Management NCFE Level 3
03. Personnel Skills NCFE Level 2
04. Business Finance Certificate NCFE Level 2
05. Health & Safety At Work (Skills Course)
06. Project Management Diploma Level 3
07. Career Coaching Diploma Level 3
08. Effective Public Speaking
09. Taxation (Skills Course)
10. Supervisory Development NCFE Level 2


It's a jungle out there! More than ever before, the key to success in today's fiercely competitive job market can be summed up in one word - qualifications! We have an extensive range of distance learning vocational business courses designed to help you achieve these qualifications and stay ahead of the competition. Whether you want to improve existing business skills, get a new career or even start your own business you can do it with help from Learning at Home.
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 £310.00  Accountable Social Work
The units each describe an aspect of accountability in social work practice. At every stage in each unit examples are given of the application in practice of the theories, methods and issues under discussion and activities are provided to enable learners to explore in relation to their own experience what may be unfamiliar ideas and concepts.

 £300.00  Advertising
This course should be of interest to a wide range of business people, especially those for whom advertising is but a single facet of their responsibilities. It is meant to give a useful working background to help people to deal more effectively with advertising agencies, and also to 'do their own advertising.[more] 

 £80.00  Advertising and Promotion (Skills Course)
This course deals with how to get your message across to your customers.[more] 

 £465.00  Advertising Diploma Level 3

This Level 3 Diploma will provide a firm grounding and comprehensive understanding of advertising and the media in a business context. The course will appeal to existing advertising practitioners wishing to enhance existing skills, to those students wishing to develop a career in advertising and for those wishing a foundation course for graduate studies in Advertising or media.


 £200.00  Better Trading Award
The Better Trading Award is designed to help individuals and the smaller business to demonstrate that they follow good practice. This means you can assure your customers, suppliers and employees that your dealings with them will be based upon a sound knowledge of current legislation and professional standards.

 £3,500.00  BTEC Higher National Diploma in: Business Studies
The purpose of this subject syllabus is to provide such part time and full time learners with an opportunity to study the principles and applications of Business Studies at an advanced higher educational level (HND), with sufficient focus and detail to achieve transferrable skills, knowledge, understanding and application, necessary for progression towards related programmes at Level 6.[more] 

 £300.00  Business Accounting
Accounting has become an essential part of business life, and the knowledge and skills that you will learn in your studies will give you a broader and more experienced view of business life. The course has been written to introduce you to the bookkeeping and accounting skills required in Britain and around the world. ...[more] 

 £465.00  Business Administration Diploma Level 3

This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course provides training at Postgraduate level in the subject area of Business Administration. It is considered an ideal foundation course for those graduates wishing to pursue postgraduate studies having completed an undergraduate degree and continue their studies in either Management or Business Administration and in particular the MBA degree course. However, it is equally suitable for students from other professionals who do not have as their core skill Business Administration but require this as a valued supplement to their job or boost their career prospects.


 £285.00  Business Communications

Thses days managers and staff are having to spend an increasing proportion of their working time on communication, and skill in the exercise of this function is most necessary if they are to be effective.


 £465.00  Business Consultancy Diploma Level 3

The Level 3 Diploma will particularly appeal to those who wish to enter the profession of Management Consulting. This may be pursuing a career in an international consulting firm that offers business advisory services to clients or by taking up an internal consulting position within a business organization. The course equally provides a foundation for those looking at postgraduate studies in Management or Management Consulting or those seeking to study the subject at higher or further education.


 £300.00  Business Decision Analysis
For those involved in business, particularly for those in managerial positions, the ability to make effective decisions or to contribute to the decision-making process is of vital importance. Throughout the course you will have the opportunity to work on problems relating to investment decisions, marketing and distribution, and product development.


 £310.00  Business Economics
Economics is the study of scarcity and the consequences of scarcity. Individuals, households, businesses and nations all experience some level of scarcity, in that they do not possess all the resources to satisfy all their wants and needs. Decisions have to be made to balance those scarce resources in order to improve ...[more] 

 £310.00  Business Economics Professional
What is economics about? Economics is the problem of using the available resources as efficiently as possible so as to achieve the maximum fulfilment of society's unlimited demand for goods and services. The ultimate purpose of economic endeavour is to satisfy human wants for goods and services. The problem is that w...[more] 

 £270.00  Business Finance
This programme is designed for people seeking to understand and apply the principles of finance and financial control of a business. The course is particularly suited to the general manager with responsibility for a small organisation or a department, needing a broad understanding of a range of financial planning and m...[more] 

 £255.32  Business Finance Certificate NCFE Level 2
This course is designed for people seeking to understand and apply the principles of finance and financial control of a business.[more] 

 £250.00  Business Finance Professional
Business Finance deals with the raising and managing of funds. Irrespective of the organisation's size, at some point in time, management will need to address the issues raised when attempting to secure funds for the organisation. Fund management activities require financial forecasting. This forecasting allows the or...[more] 

 £300.00  Business Functions
This course presents an introductory over-view of the study of business organisations. The course examines business organisations in terms of their missions and values, their structures and cultures and the key organisational processes which underpin business activity. Although organisations are essentially unique, the...[more] 

 £300.00  Business Law
Regardless of what the nature of your involvement in business is - and whether you are working in the private or public sector - as a business man or woman you will face an array of legal controls and obligations of an unprecedented scope and complexity. This course is designed to introduce students who are preparing ...[more] 

 £310.00  Business Lifestyle Skills
The Business Lifestyle Skills Diploma course is ideal for anyone involved in running a business or anyone who is hoping to set-up his or her own business. The areas covered in this course are also fundamental to your everyday life whether you are applying for a job, writing a letter to apply for a grant or a mortgage...[more] 

 £290.00  Business Management (SAC)
Business Management can be defined as the process of leading and directing all or part of an organisation, through the deployment and manipulation of resources (human, financial, material, intellectual or intangible). Managers must also measure the performance of the organisation on a regular basis, review business str...[more] 

Displaying 1 to 20 (of 151 courses) Result Pages:  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  [Next?>>] 
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