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Art & Creative Skills

If you love being creative in your spare time, why not make more of your skills with a distance learning course from Learning at Home? With our range of home study courses you can take up a new pastime, become more accomplished in a favourite hobby, or even turn it into a career. With our wide range of distance learning courses, we can help you get more out of your life without having to set foot in a classroom. Take your pick from the subject areas below and get on course today for a more rewarding future....
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300.00 Advertising
This course should be of interest to a wide range of business people, especially those for whom advertising is but a single facet of their responsibilities. It is meant to give a useful working background to help people to deal more effectively with advertising agencies, and also to 'do their own advertising.[more]

80.00 Advertising and Promotion (Skills Course)
This course deals with how to get your message across to your customers.[more]

465.00 Advertising Diploma Level 3

This Level 3 Diploma will provide a firm grounding and comprehensive understanding of advertising and the media in a business context. The course will appeal to existing advertising practitioners wishing to enhance existing skills, to those students wishing to develop a career in advertising and for those wishing a foundation course for graduate studies in Advertising or media.


220.00 Art of Combining Photography and Painting
This course is primarily for people who want to extend their creative horizons. Even those who have no painting skills and have little knowledge of photography can learn this craft. It does not, however, preclude those who already possess photography or painting skills. Imagination and ingenuity are the chief requisite...[more]

120.00 Basic Camera Handling Skills
Every photographer has their own comfortable way of holding and handling a camera. Even the choice can be determined as much by its 'feel' as by the latest state of the art technology. Regardless of which camera you use, this course will teach you to make a professional job of any picture you take.[more]

242.00 Business Writing
Today's business professionals must be able to communicate effectively through the written word if they are going to succeed in today's business environment. The Business Writing course demonstrates the strategies needed to increase the clarity, impact, and professionalism of e-mail, memos, letters, proposals, report...[more]

300.00 Calligraphy
This course offers you an opportunity to learn the fundamental principles of the beautiful art of calligraphy writing. In calligraphy elegant penmanship with decoration and design is of primary importance. The calligraphy course is written so that even the most inexperienced person can understand it easily. It enable...[more]

236.00 Caption Writing
What is it that attracts your eye to the headlines in a newspaper or magazine? The caption is the draw card and the better the caption, the better the reaction from the reader. This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to start you on this fascinating career.[more]

360.00 Carpentry and Joinery
The very nature of creating a useful article from raw wood provides a feeling of useful activity. However, with the application of creative attention the raw material may evolve into an exclusive piece of furniture, a wooden toy, or many other objects.[more]

310.00 Clothing Production
This course is concerned with the basic tools of production management, the tools of supervision. It is structured so that it can form the basis of a supervisors' or junior managers' course.[more]

382.98 Combined Journalism & Fiction Writing NCFE Level 3
One course combining both Freelance Journalism & Fiction Writing courses.

192.00 Communication Skills
There must be many people who found conventional English language classes at school difficult and who have now taken jobs where face-to-face situations with customers and clients demand a certain facility with the language. It is for such individuals that this course is intended. The student will probably already be...[more]

285.00 Comprehensive Writing
Our Comprehensive Writing Course will show you how to write by using the things you know best: your life experiences, your interests, your hobbies, your talents, and your skills. The course and instructional materials are the result of many years' painstaking research into every facet of writing. The course has been c...[more]

509.00 Copywriting

This course is carefully designed to show you how to become a professional copywriter. It's structured to give you the right information when you need it. There is comprehensive documentation and specialist support material.


150.00 Creative Imagery
Visualisation therapy can be a powerful and beneficial force. It teaches techniques to benefit health, to assist other natural healing processes and to reinforce positive feelings and well-being. Visualisation is using the conscious mind to imagine positive events based on the fact that there is a close link between ...[more]

260.00 Crime Writing
Crime can pay! At least it does when you can write a good detective, mystery or crime story. Have you witnessed in recent years the overwhelming number of television shows, motion pictures and novels dealing in crime and the number of hungry fans devouring these stories the moment they are produced? This fast growing i...[more]

307.82 Digital Photography Diploma Level 3
Do you want to work for your self? Pick and choose your own hours? Attend many celebrity events, weddings, parties, travel abroad doing photo shoots? If this sounds like the ideal job for you, then you might want to consider a career in photography.[more]

365.00 Drama Diploma Level 3

This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma courses is aimed at providing the necessary instruction for the experienced learner to gain an understanding of drama. Drama has been with us from the very beginning. Students will have the opportunity to study various pieces of work ranging from the work of the legendary William Shakespeare to J B Priestley. This course is designed to appeal to those who wish to develop a sound knowledge of drama, and will provide a basis on which to study other drama related topics. It will also be suitable for those who have a personal interest in the drama.


150.00 Drama In Education
Drama has been with us all since the very beginning: primitive man deals with the circumstances that shape his life by dramatically representing them through storytelling. Dance, folklore, chanting, ritual and self-identification with an animate or inanimate object still form integral parts of some societies: birth, de...[more]

310.00 Dress Making and Fashion Design
Whether your ultimate aim is to make a career of Fashion Design, to run your own business as a Designer/Dressmaker or maybe just to be competent at making your own or your children's clothes, then by choosing this course, you're well on your way to fulfilling your dream in Fashion Design. Because of who we are, we ch...[more]

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