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01. Diet & Nutrition Diploma Level 3
02. Sports Physiology Diploma
03. Healthy Eating & Food Hygiene NCFE Level 2
04. Anatomy & Physiology
05. Anatomy and Physiology - Advanced
06. Fitness Management Diploma
07. Beauty Therapy Diploma NCFE Level 2
08. Beauty Therapist
09. Clinical Nutrition
10. Reflexology

Health, Beauty & Fitness


Health, Beauty & Fitness

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 £365.00  Alexander Technique Diploma Level 3
The Alexander Technique is more than just acquiring a ‘good posture’; it is a process by which an individual can learn awareness of their physical and psychological self in order to transmit positivism through body movements.[more] 

 £341.00  Anatomy & Physiology
This course has been designed for use in the complementary health therapies. The acquisition of knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is essential in these therapies. In this course the student will develop comprehension of the structure and function of the human body, of the inter-relation of the body systems with...[more] 

 £371.00  Anatomy and Physiology - Advanced
This course has been designed to provide a more in depth understanding of the human body and the accompanying physiological process that allow for its optimal functioning. As well as revisiting and expanding on some basic principles such as the skeletal and muscular system, this course provides detailed explanations ...[more] 

 £270.00  Beauty Make-up Professional
Discover the natural art of applying make-up. This course will take you through the aspects of becoming a make-up consultant or therapist. Perfect make-up application, on yourself or a paying client.[more] 

 £270.00  Beauty Salon Management
Every beauty salon needs good management. To make all aspects of the business both profitable and administratively sound. Everyone working in the salon should have an understanding of specific aspects of the day to day management and administrative function along with their beauty career skills.[more] 

 £330.00  Beauty Therapist
"How long you live rests largely in your own hands. So does how well you live, how much vitality you have and how good you will look in twenty years' time." Leslie Kenton, Ageless Ageing - The Natural Way to Stay Young. The beauty therapist with the correct qualifications will be able to advise clients about skin and ...[more] 

 £333.91  Beauty Therapy Diploma NCFE Level 2
Are you interested in the latest fashion trends? Do you enjoy working with people? Are you creative and artistic? Then why not think about becoming a Beauty Therapist!

 £3,500.00  BTEC Higher National Diploma in Coaching
The purpose of this subject syllabus is to provide such part time and full time learners with an opportunity to study the principles and applications of Coaching at an advanced higher educational level (HND), with sufficient focus and detail to achieve transferrable skills, knowledge, understanding and application, necessary for progression towards related programmes at Level 6.[more] 

 £470.00  Clinical Nutrition
The Facts This innovative course brings together many aspects of nutrition in a very holistic approach. The varied skills you will acquire are a significant feature of this course. Features A course structured to not only provide students with an programme which is vocational, but also it aims to provide job opportu...[more] 

 £350.00  Clinical Weight Control
The whole issue of weight control is far more complex than simply controlling food intake - hence the massive failure rate of "diets". This course will enable students to integrate the latest information in a safe programme for weight control. This course deals in depth with both the physiology and psychology of weig...[more] 

 £365.00  Diet & Nutrition Diploma Level 3

This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma in Diet and Nutrition is suitable for all those who wish to achieve an understanding of the principles of good nutrition and healthy living, or to enhance an existing knowledge. It will be of interest to you if, you like to eat healthily and wish to know more about diet and nutrition, and/or are interested in sharing your knowledge about diet and nutrition with others.


 £300.00  Diet, Exercise and Fitness
Diet and exercise are becoming increasingly important in the modern day environment. More and more people are considering the effect diet and exercise have on their overall health. The World Health Organization (WHO) has linked obesity with a nine-year reduction in life expectancy. This is extremely worrying, especiall...[more] 

 £250.00  Energy-Anatomy
It is vitally important that a practitioner who is engaged in a vibrational therapy has a wide knowledge and deep understanding of the subtle energy principles of the human energy field. This course includes the basics of the human multi-dimensional anatomy and investigates the auric field, vibrations and energy tran...[more] 

 £290.00  Exercise Physiology
Coaches at International level are employing the services and skills of exercise physiologists (plus psychologists, nutritionists, etc.) in order to lessen the chances of failure and to ensure victory. This course is designed to give therapists the knowledge and understanding of how the body physiologically responds ...[more] 

 £310.00  Feng Shui
"In China, many people believe that to remain healthy and create wealth and happiness it is necessary to maintain a healthy environment in which to live and work." Many businesses both large and small rely on ancient Chinese rules to dictate how their buildings and offices are laid out, even the work desk should conf...[more] 

 £290.00  Fitness Management Diploma
If you are keen on sports or general fitness, then this is the course for you as you are taught you to understand what fitness really is, and it enables you to develop a balanced fitness programme for yourself or for your clients.

 £280.00  Hand Reflexology
Reflexology is now being commonly accepted as one of the primary, complementary therapies for the reduction of stress and general health maintenance. Although usually practised on the feet, reflexology to the hands is just as beneficial, especially if the feet cannot be used because of, for example, an injury or an inf...[more] 

 £200.00  Health & Well-Being
This unique course is designed to develop your understanding of the nature and scope of human health and well-being. Your ability to grasp the fundamentals will equip you for a better understanding of specific and more in-depth areas.[more] 

 £297.40  Health, Exercise and Fitness NCFE Level 3
This course is designed to equip you with the knowledge to begin or develop a career in the health, exercise and fitness industry. It also provides all the information and resources needed to educate people on how to lead healthier lifestyles.[more] 

 £199.15  Healthy Eating & Food Hygiene NCFE Level 2
This programme is designed for people working in a wide range of sectors and occupations who wish to develop their knowledge and skills in a range of diet, lifestyle and food preparation subjects.[more] 

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