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01. Marine Biology Diploma Level 3
02. Environmental Waste Management Diploma
03. Business and the Environment Diploma
04. Ecology Diploma
05. Eco Building Design
06. Conservation Diploma
07. Farming Management
08. Smallholding Management Diploma Level 3
09. Environmental Auditing and Reporting Diploma
10. Environmental Science Diploma Level 3

Environmental Studies

With the environment and conservational matters taking centre stage, understanding and care of our planet is of paramount importance. Here you will find a new, and growing, range of courses dedicated to this central issue.
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 £415.00  Botany Diploma Level 3

This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course in Botany is aimed at providing a detailed introduction to the subject. Those who are interested in the world of plants but would like more scientific depth than that provided in popular media will find it particularly appealing and an exciting course to complete. It will be of much interest to those hoping to study Botany or other sciences at a higher level in the future by providing a solid basis of knowledge. Throughout the course reference is made to human-plant interactions so students are reminded of the relevance of botany in today's technical world.


 £220.00  Business and the Environment Diploma
This course focuses on what is involved in improving work procedures and processes in order to reduce the environmental impacts of your organisation.[more] 

 £330.00  Conservation Diploma
Man is creating an urban environment where so many goods are being concentrated that consumer desire, comparable to predatory instinct, is being over stimulated. Conservation is the wise use of the earth's resources, so that they can support, or sustain, the generations yet to come. This can be done in many ways and in different situations.

 £200.00  Eco Building Design
Building biology, bio-house design, biological architecture and ecological building all refer to the construction of a building along lines of more natural, renewable resources and health of the occupants. In other words buildings become more people-friendly. It aims to establish a balance between technology, culture a...[more] 

 £310.00  Ecology Diploma
This College course in Ecology will provide a detailed explanation on many aspects of the eco balance in an easy to understand format and help you to understand how all parts of the environment work together.

 £232.00  Environmental Aspects and Impacts Diploma
The Environmental Aspects and Impacts course is intended to help you guide your organisation towards a strategy that will improve its overall environmental performance and comply with recent environmental legislation. This course takes you through the first steps in introducing an environmental management system into your organisation.[more] 

 £232.00  Environmental Auditing and Reporting Diploma
This course covers the methodology and considerations of  environmental auditing and reporting from practical considerations to communicating to stakeholders. Environmental performance is becoming increasingly important as more people and organisations become interested in the environment.[more] 

 £230.00  Environmental Improvements Diploma
This course will guide you through the process of planning and monitoring activities to achieve the objectives and targets based on the aims of your policy. Among the many topics covered will be potential obstacles and methods of overcoming them, record keeping and documentation, communication and training, as well as methods of monitoring your programme[more] 

 £232.00  Environmental Legislation and Policy Certificate
This course on Environmental Legislation and Policy presents an overview of the most relevant environmental legislation that you need to be informed about before writing or evaluating your organisation's environmental policy.[more] 

 £415.00  Environmental Science Diploma Level 3
This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course is designed to appeal to those who wish to develop a sound knowledge of environmental science, and will provide a basis on which to study other environmental science related topics. It will also be suitable for those who have a personal interest in the subject. Although no prior knowledge is required in order to study this course, a basic knowledge and understanding of terminology, formulae and processes is assumed.[more] 

 £282.00  Environmental Waste Management Diploma
How we manage our waste and control substances and items that we consider to just be "rubbish" is a critical factor in the way we need to protect our environment and ensure a quality of life for us and our family.
This course deals mainly with the management of waste.[more] 

 £310.00  Farming Management
Have you always wanted to work your own farm, or have the land, but not the skills? This unique course in Farming and Management will provide you with the skills needed to achieve these tasks. Due to a number of key factors, such as cost and suitable knowledge, the people who are most likely to become farmers are thos...[more] 

 £250.00  Food and Environmental Allergies
The Facts For many years we have been aware of non-food allergens, such as dust, fur, pollen etc. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that as well as a wide range of environmental allergens, increased chemical interference in our food products is producing many more cases of allergic reaction every year. Fea...[more] 

 £310.00  Horticulture
The growing of plants and understanding of the make-up of the soil and the best way to ensure you maximise the ground around you is a skill a lot of us want to know. The course provides the skills and knowledge needed to better understand this complex subject.[more] 

 £255.32  Managing Environmental Resource NCFE Level 2
This programme is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of environmental policies and their application.  No prior knowledge is required.[more] 

 £365.00  Marine Biology Diploma Level 3
This course in marine biology aims to give a comprehensive grounding in the fascinating subject of life in the sea. Throughout the 10 fully illustrated modules, the student will learn about many aspects of oceanography and marine biology such as how oceans are born and die and how life began and evolved in the sea over the past 4 million years. We look at the ocean as an ecological habitat and the amazing evolutionary adaptations of aquatic animals to the harsh marine environment.[more] 

 £310.00  Meteorology
Having exact measurements of the atmosphere is very important in meteorology. This has been helped by the invention of suitable instruments for observation and by the organisation of a network of observing stations to gather weather data. The art of weather forecasting has challenged many minds and much of the worldly...[more] 

 £415.00  Smallholding Management Diploma Level 3

This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course is aimed at those with an interest in running a smallholding, either in an employment capacity, or simply for pleasure, or to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. The course will provide students with a sound understanding of all aspects involved with managing your own small hold, ranging from designing the build right through to marketing your service.


Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 courses) Result Pages:  1 
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