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01. A Level Psychology
02. Teaching Assistant
03. Child Day Care Diploma
04. GCSE Human Physiology & Health
05. GCSE Child Development
06. Psychology Diploma
07. Child Psychology Diploma
08. Counselling Skills Introductory Certificate
09. GCSE Psychology
10. Healthy Eating & Food Hygiene Certificate
Social Studies

Social Studies

Here you will find courses covering the broad range that†is Social Studies.
From Child Psychology to Counselling Skills to Managing Stress and Drugs Awareness.

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†£195.00† Child Day Care Diploma
During this course students will study a range of topics, which develop an understanding of the needs of children, organising activities and the regulatory and administrative functions of day care.[more]

£429.00††£386.10 Sports Psychology
Gain a whole new insight into sport with ICSProfessional sports stars and teams alike understand the benefits that a sports psychologist can bring them.This modern phenomenon is becoming more and more popular as athletes and sportspeople use it to transform themselves into champions.[more]†

£339.00††£305.10 Introduction to Homeopathy
Help yourself to a new understanding of health with ICSMore and more people are turning to alternative medicine to look after and improve their health.† Many of them find that treatments like homeopathy actually help them more than traditional medicine.[more]

£379.00††£341.10 Mind, Body and Soul
If you want to improve your health and wellbeing, why not enrol on the ICS Mind, Body†and Soul home learning course?The pace of life today can be quite chaotic so if you're looking for a course that'll not only help keep your body healthy, but also your mind and soul, then we have the perfect answer.[more]

†£255.00† GCSE Psychology
If you want to know more about what makes us tick, and why we react differently in certain situations, you should study GCSE Psychology.This home study†course will not only give you an overview of this amazing subject, but it'll also give you a valuable insight into the way in which psychologists work and think - you never know it could even inspire you to take up the profession.[more]

†£255.00† GCSE Child Development
If you're planning a family, have a young family, or are looking to become a child care professional, you'll find that our home study GCSE Child Development course is the ideal choice.[more]

†£595.00† Life Coaching Diploma
Life Coaching is an extremely rewarding and lucrative career option, with many people having a life coach to help with all aspects of life. On achieving your Diploma, you will have the fundamentals to enable you to successfully practice as a Life Coach.[more]

†£295.00† A Level Psychology
Psychology is one of the most rewarding fields of work to break into - both financially and personally. And by studying this 'A' Level you'll be giving yourself the perfect head start in jobs such as teaching or marketing, where it can be used everyday.[more]

†£255.00† GCSE Sociology
Sociology is a captivating subject. Not only does it give us a fascinating insight into social structures in different human societies - from native African tribes to the modern Western family unit, but it also helps us understand what makes us tick as a species.[more]

†£195.00† Valuing Diversity in the Workplace Certificate
The aims of this course are to examine the legal, regulatory and ethical considerations brought about by the changing society within which we live and to promote best practice in adopting, encouraging and managing diversity.[more]†

†£275.00† Abnormal Psychology Diploma
The Course delivers a wide syllabus of topics to provide the student with an introduction to the width and breadth of the subject area.† This Course will provide useful background for those students considering a career in this area.[more]

†£125.00† Drug Awareness Certificate
The course is particularly suitable for people who may encounter drug related† problems and wish to learn how to respond.[more]

†£255.00† GCSE Human Physiology & Health
The human body is an amazing thing, and by taking GCSE Human Physiology and Health, you can learn all about what makes it so very special.The course covers everything from Relations between Man, Other Organisms and the Environment to Organisation and Maintenance of the Individual, Reproduction, and Growth and Development.[more]

£549.00††£494.10 Teaching Assistant
There's never been such a high demand for teaching assistants, in fact schools are crying out for people with good credentials.† So, if you think you'd enjoy working with children, are interested in learning and education, and could work well under the supervision of a teacher, this could be the rewarding career you've been looking for.†[more]†

†£195.00† Child Psychology Diploma
This ASET accredited programme is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of Child Psychology and the development of children.[more]

†£275.00† Psychology Foundation Diploma
This course offers a look at the major theoretical approaches in Psychology and also examines some of the issues that Psychologists are still working on today.[more]

†£245.00† Sociology Diploma
This course offers a look at the major theoretical approaches in Sociology and also examines some of the issues that Sociologists are still working on today. Sociology is the study of Society and Social Institutions such as the family, mass media etc.[more]†

†£245.00† Child Development Diploma
This Diploma level Course in Child Development is designed to enhance the understanding of childhood. It is for those people who have an interest in the early years, either from a personal or a professional perspective.[more]

†£195.00† Workplace Psychology Diploma
This is an ideal course for anyone wishing to improve their skills in understanding and managing staff and understanding how to deal with events and find explanations for workplace psychological problems.[more]†

†£195.00† Human Physiology and Health Diploma
This programme is designed for people who wish to gain an understanding of Human Physiology & Health for work or recreational purposes.†[more]

Displaying 1 to 20 (of 25 courses) Result Pages: †1††2††[Next†>>]
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