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01. A Level Biology
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Oxford College

A Level Government and Politics

Oxford College ODL is one of the leading distance education providers in the United Kingdom and internationally and promotes quality home study education world wide.

Oxford College courses represent remarkable value, and materials are finely presented in a quality custom folder. Full tutor support cover is 3 years for A Level and 5 years for all other courses. However, course duration can be much less than the period of tutor support depending on individual student's circumstances.

Their distance learning programmes encompass GCSE, A Level, Diploma and Degree level courses.

As part of your course you will have a personal qualified tutor who is able to support and mentor you throughout the learning process. Students come from varied backgrounds, differing levels of education, and every continent in the world.

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 £295.00  A Level Geography

A full (AS/A2) course covering soils and ecosystems, land formations, environments, and weather processes


 £295.00  A Level Chemistry

Chemistry has an impact on many areas of our everyday lives - from developing new medicines and consumer goods to how we use natural resources. This course will give you support for practical work, detailed guidance through the specification, a review of the required scientific and mathematical skills.


 £295.00  A Level Religious Studies

This AS and A2 course covers religion and the human experience, the New Testament, and religion and ethics.


 £195.00  AS Level Critical Thinking

This course examines the way that we provide reasons for our actions and beliefs, and how we analyse and evaluate methods of reasoning. It explores techniques that can be developed with practice, and will provide you with skills that are essential for continuing into higher education.


 £295.00  A Level Accounting
A career in accounting can be very financially rewarding, and with us you can gain the skills needed to make it count.By studying A Level Accounting you\'ll cover everything from The Accounting Information System, to Determination of Income, to Accounting for Management and Decision Making, to Published Accounts of Limited Companies and Accounting Standards.[more] 

 £175.00  Flower Remedies Diploma
A full course exploring Flower Remedies to therapist level. You will discover the fundamentals of flower remedy therapy, from assessment of area of need, to interviewing and prescribing appropriate remedies.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level Philosophy
Amongst other topics this course is will teach you to broaden your awareness of human knowledge, clarify ideas and communication, analyse reasoning. [more] 

 £295.00  A Level English Language and Literature
An A Level course that explores the beauty and colour of the English language and it's literature. From the sound of English to the works of some of it's greatest writers, this is a course for those who seek to explore and understand it's wonders.[more] 

 £175.00  Aromatherapy Diploma
Aromatherapy has become a mainstream and highly regarded therapy to help with a huge spectrum of physical and emotional conditions. On achieving your Diploma you will have the fundamentals to enable you to successfully practice as an Aromatherapist.[more] 

 £345.00  Business Consultancy Diploma
Business Consulting skills prepare the student for taking up a career in the profession of Management Consulting. The course also facilitates those with a desire to set up independent consulting practices or create an internal consulting function within a business organisation.[more] 

 £375.00  Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T.) Diploma
Emotional Freedom Technique is a form of emotional and psychological acupressure, which utilises a simple tapping routine coupled with statements made by the client to express how they feel about the problem in hand.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level Business Studies
Having a good understanding of business practice can work wonders in today's employment market, and with this copurse you can get just that. By gaining an 'A' Level in Business Studies you'll prove to an employer that you have an interest in current commercial trends and appreciate the demands of the UK business market.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level Maths
If you gain an 'A' Level in maths, a world of employment opportunities will open up to you. In fact there are so many different career paths you could go down, you'll probably be spoilt for choice.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level Physics
If you have a real passion for science, you'll find 'A' Level physics fascinating. This dynamic home study course covers everything from Foundation Physics, to Waves and Nuclear Physics, to Further Physics, and Fields and their Applications.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level History
If you have a real passion for the past and want to learn more about it, you should study 'A' level History. This home study course covers, in depth, major events and figures from British and European history from 1830 to 1939.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level French
If you have GCSE French at grade C or above and want to further your learning in this fantastic language, then our home study 'A' Level course is the ideal step up.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level Economics
If you see your future in politics or finance, an 'A' Level in Economics will prepare you perfectly.This home study course will help you gain a valuable understanding of politics and the economy both here in the UK, and abroad.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level Biology
If you're looking to break into the world of science, an 'A' Level in Biology will give you the perfect head start. Biology is the fastest developing science today, and by studying it with us you'll gain a great understanding of the following topics: Core Principles, Genes and Generic Engineering, Physiology and Transport, Energy, Control and Continuity, Behaviour and Populations, and The Environment.[more] 

 £295.00  A Level Government and Politics
Learning about political theories, evaluating political systems, and gaining an understanding of the political process are some of the topics covered in this course.[more] 

 £595.00  Life Coaching Diploma
Life Coaching is an extremely rewarding and lucrative career option, with many people having a life coach to help with all aspects of life. On achieving your Diploma, you will have the fundamentals to enable you to successfully practice as a Life Coach.[more] 

Displaying 1 to 20 (of 41 courses) Result Pages:  1  2  3  [Next >>] 
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