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01. A Level in English Literature (Full AS+A2)
02. A Level in Biology (Full AS+A2)
03. A Level in Biology (AS) 8BI01
04. A Level in Mathematics (Full AS+A2)
05. A Level in Ancient History (Full AS+A2)
06. A level in Business Studies (AS) 1131
07. A level in Business Studies (A2) 2131
08. A level in Economics (AS) 8EC01
09. A Level in Environmental Science (Full AS+A2) 2440
10. A level in Law (Full AS+A2) 2160

A Levels: Oxford College


We now offer Oxford College AS and A2 courses separately for £195 each.

Aim for the very top with distance learning A Level Courses If you really want to get ahead in life, you'll need to gain the recognised qualifications to succeed - and with distance learning A level courses from Learning at Home you can do just that. We've a great range of distance learning A Level courses to choose from. Whether you're looking to gain access to College or University, want to land a well-paid job, or need a stepping-stone to promotion in your existing career, you can be sure of one thing - with distance learning A Level courses you'll have the best chance of reaching your targets.

A Level courses can be started at any time to suit you, and contain about 240 hours of study. So, for example, if you study for 4 hours per week you should complete the course in about 12 months.

New Specification A Levels – Teaching from September 2008
The courses will be a 2 year course, AS Exams to be taken in 2009 and A2 in 2010. There is no flexibility due to exam board restrictions to complete any quicker than this.

Unit 1, materials and teaching will be available to students in September 2008.

What is the difference between new and old A Levels?
Most subjects will see a reduction from six units down to four. This will help to reduce the burden of assessment.

The introduction of stretch and challenge at A2 will prepare students better for higher education and employment. The emphasis on developing thinking and problem-solving skills should be more motivating for students. The changes include:

A broad range of question types to ensure that a wide range of skills is assessed.
A requirement for extended writing to give students the opportunity to demonstrate the full breadth and depth of their knowledge and understanding.
Synoptic assessment that will test students’ understanding of the subject as a whole and their ability to make links between different areas of the subject.
An A* grade will be introduced to the grading of A level (not AS) to reward the most exceptional candidates. It will be awarded to students who achieve a grade A overall at A level and also achieve 90% or more on the Uniform Mark Scale across their A2 units. The first A* award will be in 2010.
Similar options are included within Diplomas (which can of course include A-Levels), so that all young people will have the possibility to demonstrate their capabilities at an advanced level.

Choose a distance learning A Level course from the subject areas below, and get yourself on track for a successful future.....

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 £160.00  Exam Preparation
The course is designed for anyone working towards an examination and who wishes to improve their exam or assessment technique. The student will be taught how to interpret exam and assessment questions better, understand what the question is asking for, compose an exam preparation plan, devise a revision plan and prep...[more] 

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