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Career Coaching Diploma [ODL] 295.00

Career Coaching Diploma

Course synopsis
This course is designed for those who are considering becoming a career coach, working for yourself, or who are committed to coaching within their working environment or organisation. This is a field which is less than fifteen years old, despite having historic origins that span more than a century. The course will cover definitions, standards and models in career coaching as well as examining the core principles and concepts which enable the successful establishment of a client-coach collaborative and positive relationship.
The course consists of seven modules, each carrying their own tutor marked assignment. On completion of the course and assignments, students will be required to complete a 5000 word extended essay question.

    * Module 1: Beginnings: Life purpose
    * Module 2: Establishing the coaching relationship
    * Module 3: Levels of coaching
    * Module 4: Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in career coaching
    * Module 5: The job search
    * Module 6: Interviews and interview strategies
    * Module 7: Bringing it all together

Module: Beginnings: Life purpose
This module examines the role of a career coach and the specific needs of the individual client. In addition life purpose, values and motivators will be explored in relation to core skills evaluation and critical thinking. During this module we will take a detailed look at the psychology of experience in order to contextualize the working environment, culture and experience.

Module 2: Establishing the coaching relationship
This module will look at ethical considerations and standards, together with the different coaching models and how to apply them to individual clients. Assessment, planning and implementation of the coaching models will be explained in detail, together with core coaching competencies.

Module 3: Levels of coaching
There are several recognized levels of coaching appropriate and relevant to different situations, client needs and scenarios; the principles and techniques for these levels will be explained. In addition this module will cover the topics of insight, intuition, listening, questioning, interpretation and feedback processes; it will also deal with ending the coaching relationship.

Module 4: Using Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) in career coaching
This module will briefly look at the principles and practices of NLP in relationship to career coaching and give definitive examples of application.

Module 5: The job search
Within this module the areas of marketing plans, strategies and organizational skills will be examined. The processes of tactical searching and networking, together with curriculum vitae design and promotion will also be explored. Definitive and relevant examples will be given.

Module 6: Interviews and interview strategies
Contents of this module include: pre-interview preparation, including business research, types of interview techniques (especially competency-based), and the post-interview follow up. The module will also examine how to deal with evaluation of offers and rejection.

Module 7: Bringing it all together
This module looks at how to put the coaching models into practice within the working environment, together with summarizing and collating relevant key concepts. Example worksheets will also be featured in this module.

Entry Requirements
Basic English reading and writing skills, as full tutor support is given. We would strongly recommend that the student completes the Oxford College ODL Diploma in Life Coaching course before specialising in this field.

Study Hours
Approximately 140 hours of commitment

Diploma in Career Coaching

Assessment Method
Continuous graded assessment

What's Included
All materials to enable you to successfully complete your diploma, unlimited full tutor support for two years, certification upon completion.

Course Fee

Further Information
Please note that this is an online course and your materials are delivered within the College web site in PDF format.
In the student 'Common Room' you are also able to receive the latest course updates, extra materials and information. You will also be able to take part in the student chat room and forums as part of our online student community.
After enrolling online you will receive your username and password to access your materials within 5 working days. You will also receive your personal Oxford student number via email.
Courses in paper/file format are still available at an additional fee of 45.00 and must be enrolled upon via telephone. This service is only available to those students studying within the United Kingdom. All students outside the United Kingdom will receive the online format.

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