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Child Care, Learning & Development Diploma [SH] £339.25


Student Profile
This programme is designed for people who wish to work in the child care sector, in a nursery, crèche,  nannying or babysitting environment.  Anyone wishing to embark on a career in child care will benefit and it provides a route to the formal qualifications required to work in the sector.

The aims of this course are to allow students to develop:
• an understanding of the role of learning and development in child care settings, and the legislative context within which child carers operate
• an understanding of the personal and interpersonal skills required of a child carer at this level.
• an understanding of early education frameworks

The course leads to the level 3 award of the Diploma in Child Care, Learning and Development from National Open College Network (NOCN). NOCN is a leading UK awarding body recognised by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority
Students may also sit examinations for the GOAL level 3 Diploma in Child Care, Learning and Development qualification.  This option MUST however by arranged by the student at a local GOAL exams centre and at the student’s own cost

Course Duration
Students may register at any time and have a full two years to complete their studies.  The course will take around 300 hours of study to complete and can be completed over any tmescale convenient to the student subject to the moderation and examination dates set by the awarding bodies.

Pack/Course Contents
• Studyguide
• Comprehensive study notes for each element of the course
• Self-assessment activities
• Assignments
• Tutor support
• Assignment marking & feedback
• NOCN Accreditation

The cost of the course is £346.63 inclusive of learning materials, tutor support, assignment marking, ASET registration and accreditation.

Study Method
The course is designed for study by distance learning at work or at home.  Students receive course manual, assignments and studyguide plus tutor support by mail and email.  You can start at any time and plan your studies over a period of up to two years from the time of registration. 

Each element is followed by a written assignment, which is submitted and marked by your tutor. 
Upon successful completion of the assignments you will be eligible for the NOCN Diploma.  Please note that students assessments are moderated three times per year by NOCN.  Submission dates and deadlines for moderation are fully detailed in the student study pack.
Assessment for the GOAL qualification is through one multi-choice end-test per unit [five in total].  These must be arranged by the student at a local GOAL examination centre and at the student’s own cost.  Full details of the GOAL assessment procedure are contained in the student study pack.
This qualification can also provide evidence of underpinning knowledge towards the achievement of the Goal Level 3 National Vocational Qualification Children’s Care, Learning and Development.

Course Content
The course is divided up into five units, as follows:

Unit 1 Principles and values underpinning work with children and the protection and promotion of children’s rights
1.1 principles and values in the sector
1.2 children’s rights and legislation
1.3 child protection
1.4 personal Development

Unit 2 The provision of healthy, safe and secure environments for children
2.1 health and safety
2.2 risk assessment
2.3 emergencies, illness and accidents
2.4 employment rights and responsibilities

Unit 3 The provision of effective and high quality childcare environments
3.1 caring for the disabled child
3.2 physical care of children
3.3 quality of childcare environments
3.4 data protection

Unit 4 Promoting child and young person development
4.1 child and young person development
4.2 supporting transitions
4.3 multi-agency working
4.4 managing the child-care setting

Unit 5 Promoting learning within early education frameworks
5.1 promoting learning
5.2 early education frameworks
5.3 purpose and role of learning and development of young people
5.4 assessing and recording achievement

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