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01. Animal Care Diploma
02. Canine Studies Diploma Level 3
03. Marine Biology Diploma Level 3
04. Equine Science Diploma Level 3
05. Animal Care NCFE Level 2
06. Zoology Diploma Level 3
07. Aquarium and Fishkeeping Certificate
08. Smallholding Management Diploma Level 3
09. Animal Behaviour Advanced Diploma
10. Animal Health Diploma

Animal Studies


Animal Studies

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 £250.00  Animal Behaviour Advanced Diploma
On completion of the course, students will be able to appreciate the evolution and physiology of behaviour, and understand some practical techniques used in behavioural analysis.[more] 

 £250.00  Animal Behaviour Diploma
On completion of the course students will be able to understand and appreciate a wide variety of the behaviour exhibited by animals in the wild and to a certain extent in the domestic environment.[more] 

 £300.00  Animal Care Diploma
The course is designed to assist the student in understanding the basic needs of animals, from the information provided obtain a better understanding of the animal profile and then be able to identify problems. Students will then be able to comfortably understand animal breeds and at an early stage pass on any problems or information to vets or owners.

 £269.00  Animal Care NCFE Level 2

Do you want to be a responsible pet owner? Working in the pet care industry? Are you interested in teaching your children how they should look after their pets? Then this course is for you. It covers all the key aspects of ownership from choosing a pet, preparing the house, training, grooming and health for dogs, cats, birds, fish and reptiles.


 £310.00  Animal Communication
Animal communication is a natural ability that we all have. Through rediscovering ourselves and learning to understand animals we learn to connect and hear them in a totally new way. By communicating with animals in this way we can learn about their health, emotional and environmental problems. The way in which the a...[more] 

 £300.00  Animal Health Diploma
It is important that today's farmer/owner of any animal is familiar with the normal vital signs of his animals so that they can recognise health and ill health. The earlier a farmer/owner can treat sick animals the better, as the damage done by illness can be considerable. This course will detail how to observe the vital signs, natural habits and behaviour of your animals.

 £250.00  Aquarium and Fishkeeping Certificate
This course introduces the freshwater and marine aquarium hobbyist to various aspects of successful aquaria management. Rather than being an entertainment guide, which extols the virtues of one or other approach to aquaria management, this course presents the basic principles, themes and steps needed to set-up and maintain a freshwater or marine aquarium.
The course provides you with the key skills needed to set up and operate your business.

 £3,500.00  BTEC Higher National Diploma in: Animal Studies
The purpose of this subject syllabus is to provide such part time and full time learners with an opportunity to study the principles and applications of Animal Studies at an advanced higher educational level (HND), with sufficient focus and detail to achieve transferrable skills, knowledge, understanding and application, necessary for progression towards related programmes at Level 6.[more] 

 £250.00  Canine Science
The course aims to provide students with a level 3 (advanced) knowledge regarding the evolution, physiology and behaviour of the grey wolf (Canis lupus) and the domestic dog (Canis familiaris). It then applies this knowledge to the behaviour of the domestic dog (Canis familiaris) in a domestic environment.[more] 

 £365.00  Canine Studies Diploma Level 3
This Level 3 Diploma course is aimed at those with an interest in dogs, either in an employment capacity, or simply for pleasure.[more] 

 £385.00  Dog Behaviour Level 3 Course
 Devised by a practicing Behaviourist for every day dog owners and anyone who works or has regular contact in a professional capacity with dogs i.e kennel assistants, dog sitters, groomers etc. This international best selling course is unique for many reasons, least of all being the first of its kind and the only dog behaviour diploma course to offer a ‘practical’ element. It is also the first course to study and consider both Positive Reward Training and its application in the human-dog relationship, and the more physical world of dog behaviour between dogs.[more] 

 £685.00  Dog Behaviour Practitioner Diploma Level 4

No other course better prepares you for the real world of being a Dog Behaviourist. The practical element is not optional (unless studying overseas) and consists of an actual consultation. You will be expected to make suggestions, contribute, watch and observe. 


 £422.60  Dog Grooming Level 3 Award
A dog is a man’s best friend. Sure, it’s a cliché of course, but anyone who has owned a dog, or has looked after a dog knows that it’s absolutely true! Dogs are loyal, loving, affectionate and (sometimes!) obedient. This course gives you a chance to interact with dogs, and includes valuable advice on setting up your own business and make a living looking after our canine cousins.[more] 

 £310.00  Energy Healing for Animals
This course is for those who would like to learn how to use modern Energy Therapy in the context of working with animals, including companion animals, wild animals and also covering a number of animal and pet related human problems such as bereavement. The course is prepared under advice from the International Guild ...[more] 

 £310.00  Equine Business Management
Even though the horse industry is fragmented, it is still a major employer of labour, though its identity and significance is often overlooked. This may be because of the small size and variety of the various individual units of which it is comprised. The main objective of this course is to provide you with the necess...[more] 

 £330.00  Equine Energy Therapy - Advanced Course Level 4
In this course we will be delving deeper into the subject of equine energy therapy. In this course we will be investigating the equine star chakras as well as in-depth therapeutic techniques including emotional freedom technique. You will learn how to read the horse's aura as well as learning how to move the horse through energy when riding.

 £310.00  Equine Energy Therapy Diploma Level 3
The aim of this course is to give you a firm foundation in your understanding of not only how to give healing to horses and understanding their energy systems but also, for you to learn about other influences in the horse's life and living environment that can have an effect not only on the healing but also their personalities and physical body.[more] 

 £365.00  Equine Science Diploma Level 3

This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course is aimed at those with an interest in the management of equines with an emphasis on the scientific aspects.  People with an interest in equine life will also find this course very appealing. This Level 3 Diploma course is aimed at improving the knowledge base of owners, breeders/exhibitors and those involved with horses professionally. The Diploma in Equine Science will be awarded by Oxford College to those students who satisfactorily complete all 10 Units of this course and a final online examination.


 £365.00  Feline Studies Diploma Level 3

This OLQA Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course is aimed at improving the knowledge base of pet owners, breeders/exhibitors and those involved with cats professionally. It delivers a wide syllabus of topics to provide the student with an introduction to the width and breadth of the subject area.


 £250.00  Ichthyology Diploma
On completion of the course, students should be able to appreciate the basic physiology, diversity and evolution of fishes. Diversity is especially prevalent; examples from diverse groups are used in order to provide a good overview of fish biology.[more] 

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