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GCSE French [UKOL] 292.00

GCSE French

GCSE AQA French (4658) Course

Course Overview
This course enables students to develop language skills and be able to use their knowledge of the French language within a wide range of contexts. All essential areas of language are incorporated into the course and students will be assessed on writing, speaking listening and reading, enabling them to acquire a sound knowledge of French at this level.

Course Content
Topics covered:
 Relationships with family and friends
 Planning the future
 Social issues and equality
 The Media
 Free time activities
 Money and shopping
 Getting around
Home and Environment
 Home and local area
 Special occasions
 Environmental issues
Work and Education

Unit 1: French listening assessment
Unit 2: French reading assessment
Unit 3: French speaking assessment 
Unit 4: French writing assessment

Additional Materials
Although no additional course materials are required, students may find it helpful to use extra resources such as GCSE French textbooks or other sources to supplement their learning.
A voice-recording machine such as a tape recorder or Dictaphone will be required to complete some parts of the assessment.

Learning Objectives
Through the completion of this course and the attainment of the GCSE qualification, students can expect to acquire a selection of valuable skills:

- A sound knowledge and understanding of French grammar
- The ability to understand information in French relating to the topics covered and be able to respond in French
- The freedom to enjoy language learning and the ability to maintain the new linguistic skills acquired
- The ability to access and recall French vocabulary independently
- The development of language skills including speaking, writing, reading and listening
- The acquisition of a new understanding of French culture and its language in a variety of contexts

Study Time
To complete this course it will take in the region of 100 study hours which can be spread over a 12 month period to suit the student.

No previous study is required to access any of our GCSE courses, but they do require basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Support and Benefits
Full tutor support is available via email by fully qualified professionals.

Exam Dates and Information
Exams are in June of each year and the latest dates for enrolment is December.

If you start your course after December then it is unlikely you can take your exam in June unless your tutor agrees and you can find a centre, they will require late registration fees.

Further Reading and Book List
AQA GCSE French Higher Student Book
By Oliver Gray), Steve Harrison, M T Bougard, Jean-Claude Gilles, Ginny March
Publisher: Nelson Thornes (29 Jun 2009)
ISBN-10: 1408504243
ISBN-13: 978-1408504246

Expo AQA GCSE French Higher Student Book, 2nd edition
by Clive Bell, Rosi McNab
Publisher: Heinemann; 2nd edition (23 Mar 2009)
ISBN-10: 0435720600
ISBN-13: 978-0435720605

The Essentials of AQA GCSE French
by S. Harrison
Publisher: Lonsdale Revision Guides (30 Nov 2004) 
ISBN-10: 1903068975
ISBN-13: 978-1903068977

Learning at Home offers a range of GCSEs and all the course materials map to the very latest criteria laid down by the awarding bodies.

When you have taken your exams you will be awarded a grade which ranges from A G with G being the lowest.

You will need to take GCSEs to progress onto A Levels and employers look for Maths and English as a minimum requirement for most jobs.

Taking Exams
Learning at Home in conjunction will give whatever help we can with examination information, finding an exam centre but entering examinations is entirely the responsibility of the student, and the contract for sitting examinations is between the student and the exam centre. We are not an exam centre so you must read all the information in your course pack carefully and be prepared to travel to a centre who is willing to accept external candidates.

Learning at Home does not have access to any funding so if you require a subsidised course please contact your Learn Direct Centre.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do your courses meet the latest syllabus changes?
A. yes, all our course materials meet any changes and will be updated free of charge if further changes are made.

Q. Why do I have to find a centre myself?
A. We have students all over the UK and Europe and it is impossible for us to arrange dates and times for individual students.

Q. What if I cannot find an examination centre?
A. If you wish to gain the qualification then be prepared to travel it is worth it!

Q. Who much are exam fees?
A. These vary from centre to centre but as a guide they are around 50

Q. Are the courses paper based or on-line?
A. All our courses are paper based and come in attractive sturdy folders.

Q. How do I contact my tutor?
A. Tutors are all working Teachers or Lecturers so contact is by email only.

Q. Why can I not take my exams at when I have completed the course and have to wait?
A. Exams are taken at the same times as schools and colleges and are not flexible.

Q. I want to take my exams but there are only a few months to study, is this possible?
A. Depending on the time of year, it is sometimes impossible to complete your studies in a short space of time as your work has to be marked and checked. More importantly the examination boards have cut off times which are not flexible.

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