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01. Abnormal Psychology Diploma Level 3
02. Life Coaching Diploma Level 3
03. Health & Social Care NCFE Level 3
04. Diet and Nutrition Advisor
05. Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma Level 3
06. Caring for Older People
07. Child Psychology
08. Anatomy & Physiology
09. Anatomy and Physiology - Advanced
10. Health & Safety At Work (Skills Course)

Health & Social Care

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†£160.87† Meditation
The healing power of meditation An experiential journey through the healing powers of meditation - the key to transcending any and all of life's limitations. Complements all healing mechanisms. A must for life enrichment or for students of yoga, aromatherapy, counselling and holistic health subjects seeking to develo...[more]†

†£247.83† Mental Health and Social Work
By the end of this course you will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the basic values and principles underlying anti-mentalist practice. This course aims to enable you to critically appraise the major existing theories, models and treatment methods in this field and to critically evaluate the social model of m...[more]

†£395.00† Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Diploma Level 3

This Ascentis Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) is essentially a course based around the process concerned with interpersonal communication, particularly the non-verbal kind. It emphasises self-understanding, self-awareness, and intrinsic emotional understanding and self- development. This course is for those with special interest in the subject and also for individuals who wish to develop a career in NLP.


†£226.09† Nutrition
Columbia University Press has defined nutrition as the "study of the materials that nourish an organism and of the manner in which the separate components are used for maintenance, repair, growth, and reproduction." This course aims to introduce the student to the importance of nutrition in our everyday lives, and the...[more]†

†£226.09† Nutrition for Children & Adolescents
Obesity is fast turning into an "epidemic" disease, not only in adults, but in our children too. It is estimated that up to 15 % of all children in the UK are overweight or obese (Bupa). Whilst up to 34% of all children in the USA are overweight or obese (NPD Group). "Over the last fifty years, there has been a change...[more]†

†£226.09† Nutritional Therapy
Nutritional medicine is a holistic therapy, focusing on the whole person, whilst ameliorating symptoms. Breakthroughs in nutrition are continually generating new ideas and concepts giving valuable information.[more]

†£345.00† Nutritional Therapy Diploma Level 3

This Ascentis Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma is suitable for all those who wish to achieve an understanding of the principles and practice of nutritional therapy. It will be relevant to you if, you already work as a nutritional therapist, wish to know more about nutritional therapy, and/or are interested in starting your own nutritional therapy business.


†£226.09† Pharmacology - Introduction
In today's medical environment, the nurse is a pivotal member of the healthcare team with increasing responsibility, this includes exercising judgement in the management of the patient's drug therapy. To do this effectively requires an understanding of drug action and the ability to detect and evaluate both beneficial...[more]†

†£226.09† Pharmacology and Pain Control
Virtually anyone involved in any aspect of the medical field has had to deal with issues of pain. Pain is a universal problem, one that the medical sciences have finally begun to pay greater attention to. This course focuses primarily on the pharmacological aspects of pain and pain control. In order to assist those su...[more]†

†£139.13† Pharmacology for Health Workers
Today, the practitoner is a pivotal member of the healthcare team with increasing responsibility and is expected to exercise judgement in the management of the patientís drug therapy. To do this effectively requires an understanding of drug action and the ability to detect and evaluate both beneficial and adverse respo...[more]†

†£226.09† Poverty, Social Exclusion and Social Work
To understand the history and context of Poverty we need to see where poverty came from, how it was understood and what structures were developed by society in order to understand poverty. The course covers: * History and context of Poverty * Definitions of Poverty * Developing eligibility * The devel...[more]

†£204.35† Prevention and Control of Infection Diploma

The course has been written to be relevant to a wide range of environments and is ideal for learners who wish to gain an understanding of the causes of infection and how these can be managed and controlled.


†£226.09† Principles of Human Resource Management
Every business is made up of people, the human resources of the business. How effectively those human resources are managed will have a major impact on how successful the business becomes. Indeed in many industries, the quality of the human resources, how effectively they work together and how well they are trained an...[more]†

†£308.70† Reflexology
"After all, health is only two feet away!" Reflexology is one of the fastest growing holistic therapies now gaining worldwide acceptance. It is based on the scientific principle that every organ in the body is reflected in certain reflexes in the feet. The feet are a microcosm of the human body. By manipulating the r...[more]†

†£226.09† Reflexology - Gentle Touch
Reflexology is a complementary therapy involving the treatment of various disorders by applying pressure to certain points on the feet. Precise areas of the feet relate to particular parts of the body. The whole body can be treated via these points, which are called 'reflex areas'. Although hand reflexology is also don...[more]†

†£182.61† Remedial Massage
Massage is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body for the purpose of regaining balance within the tissues, improved range of motion, circulation, reduces stress and alleviates pain. Detailed tuition will be given on how massage affects the various systems of the body, its benefits and how remedial massage di...[more]†

†£182.61† Retirement Homes Management
The unique course has been developed to assist people considering entering the Retirement homes Business or those who are already in the profession and wanting not only to improve their skills, but also keep up to date with the latest possible offerings of assistance. Many larger organisations caring for the aged have...[more]†

†£205.00† Safe Handling of Medicines
This programme is designed for all health care staff whose duties may bring them into contact with medication. It would benefit all those seeking clear guidelines and advice regarding the various elements of safe administration of medicines. The aim of this distance learning programme is to provide the student with a ...[more]†

†£182.61† Safety Management
The need to ensure the working environment is safe and secure to prevent accidents and disasters within the workplace is high on the agenda of most modern organisations. Knowledge of safety organisation and structure will provide the student with the necessary skills and techniques needed to plan and manage an effecti...[more]†

†£395.00† Sports Psychology Diploma Level 3

This Ascentis Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma course will include reflective and practical activities. Sport psychology is the scientific study of people and their behaviors in sport contexts and the practical application of that knowledge.Each module has an associated assignment which is designed to allow students to demonstrate their underpinning knowledge and show how this can be applied in various contexts.


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