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Change Management Diploma Level 3[ODL] 465.00

Change Management Diploma Level 3

Recognised by The Institute of Management Specialists

Course Synopsis
This Ascentis Quality Assured Level 3 Diploma in Change Management can prepare the student for taking up a new change management role. It is also ideal for those who would like to develop and perfect their skills within an existing change management role.

The course looks at changes in management practice against the context of the UK, EU, US and global economy. This Diploma course will be of particular interest to those needing to practice change management skills on a day-to-day basis.

Throughout, the student is encouraged to use the ideas both in the context of their own experience and through a case study, in order to gain a greater knowledge of the subject area in a practical manner.

The Diploma provides detailed learning on a range of relevant change management topics, combining theoretical background with the practical tools, change management techniques and change communication formats needed for everyday change managers.

Course Content
Module 1. What is Change Management?
The first section will act as an introduction for the student to the modern concepts of change management (ChM) skills, and how these can change and develop within a business management context. It examines the way ChM evolves, and the change manager's role in this process. The module concludes a range of guidelines in practical change issues, looking at effective ChM.

Module 2. The individual as a Change Manager
In this module the student will focus on some essential core skills for the role of change manager, with tips and techniques for successful change management change goal-setting, change problem-solving, effective change resolution meetings, change interviewing and giving or receiving change related feedback. Appropriate tools are explored, including change landscape analysis.

Module 3. Change Structure and Environment
This section involves the student assessing the various features and styles of change organization structure and the number of environments within which change organizations operate. This module takes a look at recent trends and the move towards the use of change integration, and also looks at how to analyse their effects to anticipate a change organisation future evolution.

Module 4. Managing Change Processes
This module considers the internal features of a change organisation, including planning and strategy, change costs and budgets and the benefits of understanding the change processes of a business. Practical advice is provided on facilitation of workshops, in the context of change process improvement.

Module 5. Managing Change Projects
In this section, students will begin understand what a change project actually is; providing a step-by-step breakdown of the key phases for managing change projects successfully. Advice is given on funding change projects, and on quality change assessment. The module provides guidance on change project team roles and effective brainstorming for problem-solving.

Module 6. Managing Change Diversity
This module embraces the increasingly diverse UK, EU, US and global change mandates and the business case for managing by diversity-unification principles. Students will look at key change issues and legislation issues, including those related to common challenges and potential conflicts, diverse change themes of international regulatory styles etc.

Module 7. Compliance and Change
This unit is all about compliance and change, and how they affect each other. Compliance and change may be regarded as a 'chicken and egg principle' which comes first? Accordingly this module includes a review of compliance-caused/affecting organisational changes, managing the change-compliance process, dealing with individual resistance and cultural issues, the use of coaching, mentoring and facilitation development.

Module 8. Quality and Change
This section places all emphasis on quality and change. If you cannot size it, you cannot measure it, and if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it this is a quality and change axiom. The use of change goals, related change performance indicators, service level agreements and benchmarking against all types of criteria will be considered, along with a review of quality-change management improvement.

Module 9. Audit and Change
If you cannot audit it, you cannot measure it, and if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it this is an audit and change axiom. The use of audit objectives, related change-audit performance indicators, service level agreements and benchmarking will be considered, along with a review of audit-change management improvement.

Module 10. Ethics and Change
This module examines recent trends in business ethics, corporate governance, environmental issues and social responsibility, all of which are a growing concern for organisations. Practical advice is provided with tips and guidance on making ethics and change presentations effectively. Finally, the student is taken through a course review to reflect on their learning and also to help them to set career goals for their next steps.

Mandatory Text Book:
Students are expected to purchase and use the book COMPLIANCE AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT: WHAT YOU DON'T LEARN AT HARVARD by Abe Abrahami, directly from: www.amzon.co.uk or from: www.amazon.com - this can be done at the foot of this webpage.

Entry Requirements
All students must per 16 years of age and above.

Study Hours
Approximately 40 hours per unit

Assessment Method
Final online multiple choice examination.

Please note that you can enrol on this course at anytime.

Level 3 Diploma in Change Management

This course is Quality Assured by Ascentis

Additional Information
This is a dual certification course. You will receive a certificate from both the College and also the National Awarding body Ascentis. Fees for both are included in the course fee.

The course can be enrolled upon by students Internationally. There are no deadlines for enrolments.

What's Included
All study materials to enable the student to successfully complete the Diploma. Support is provided by the tutor department. Examination board certification upon completion. All examination fees.

Further Information
Your course is in a paper file format, and your materials are delivered via courier.

Please note that included in your course fee is your registration to the On Campus student community.

You will require having one of the following packages to access your On Campus area:

Windows: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista - Acrobat Reader 4.0 and above
Macintosh: Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.2 - Acrobat Reader 4.0 and above
In the student 'On Campus' you are also able to take part in the student chat room and forums as part of our online student community.

After enrolling online you will receive your username and password to access the On Campus area within 5 working days. You will also receive your personal Oxford student number via email.

The breakdown of your student fees is as follows: 20.00 for support, 5.00 for administration for the On Campus area inclusive of VAT at standard rate, and the remainder of the course fee is for course materials which are zero rated.

Courier fees are included free of charge, and there is a courier charge for packages sent outside of the UK. Packages sent within the EU 42.00, Packages to rest of world 52.00.

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