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01. A Level Biology
02. A Level Psychology
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04. A Level English Language
05. A Level English Literature
06. A Level Law
07. A Level Ancient History
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A Levels: ICS

Aim for the very top with distance learning A Level Courses If you really want to get ahead in life, you'll need to gain the recognised qualifications to succeed - and with distance learning A level courses from Learning at Home you can do just that. We've a great range of distance learning A Level courses to choose from. Whether you're looking to gain access to College or University, want to land a well-paid job, or need a stepping-stone to promotion in your existing career, you can be sure of one thing - with distance learning A Level courses you'll have the best chance of reaching your targets.

A Level courses can be started at any time to suit you, and contain about 200 hours of study. So, for example, if you study for 4 hours per week you should complete the course in about 12 months.

Choose a distance learning A Level course from the subject areas below, and get yourself on track for a successful future.....

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 £275.00  A Level Accounting
Accountants in today’s business world can often be key decision makers within organisations – and an A Level Accounting qualification will give you the skills you need to get a start in this rewarding career.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Ancient History
The study of past civilisations holds an enduring appeal for many people – and our A Level Ancient History course offers the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the distant past.

 £275.00  A Level Biology
If you're looking to break into the world of science, an 'A' Level in Biology will give you the perfect head start. Biology is the fastest developing science today, and by studying it with ICS you'll gain a great understanding.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Business Studies
By gaining an 'A' Level in Business Studies you'll prove to an employer that you have an interest in current commercial trends and appreciate the demands of the UK business market.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Economics

This home study course will help you gain a valuable understanding of politics and the economy both here in the UK, and abroad. The key topics you'll cover include Markets, Managing the Economy, Industrial Economics, Labour Markets, and the UK in the Global Economy.


 £275.00  A Level English Language
English is the world's most commonly used language in business, in fact it's often taught in many foreign countries as part of the curriculum. And it's true to say that if you really want to succeed in both life and business, a good grasp of both written and spoken English is essential.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level English Literature
Shakespeare, Keats, Austen - all literary greats that you can discover on the 'A' Level English Literature course.This home study course will give you the chance to read and interpret a wide range of imaginative works including the classics 'Howard's End', 'Much Ado About Nothing', and 'Pride and Prejudice'.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level French
French is becoming more and more popular, and with so many employment opportunities opening up across the channel for people with the right qualifications, it makes perfect sense to further your learning in the subject. The course covers everything from Aspects of Society, to The Cultural and Social Language in Focus, to Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level History
This home study course will not only provide you with an essential understanding of how things really were in days gone by, but it will also prove to an employer that you have excellent attention to detail and are able to consider things from a broad perspective.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Law
This fascinating home study course covers everything from Law Making, to Dispute Solving, to The Concept of Liability, to the Concepts of Law. It also focuses on what to many is the most exciting element of the subject - Criminal Law.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Maths
If you gain an 'A' Level in maths, a world of employment opportunities will open up to you. In fact there are so many different career paths you could go down, you'll probably be spoilt for choice.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Physics
This dynamic home study course covers everything from Foundation Physics, to Waves and Nuclear Physics, to Further Physics, and Fields and their Applications.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Psychology
Psychology is one of the most rewarding fields of work to break into - both financially and personally. And by studying this 'A' Level you'll be giving yourself the perfect head start in jobs such as teaching or marketing, where it can be used everyday.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Religious Studies
By studying 'A' Level Religious Studies, you won't just gain a greater understanding of the beliefs of centuries of religious cultures, you'll also be gaining a qualification which proves to an employer that you have a broad range of interests and are able to think in abstract terms.[more] 

 £275.00  A Level Sociology
Sociology, or the way we function in society - our conformities and deviances, shared beliefs and conflicts - is what shapes the world we live in. It's a fascinating subject![more] 

Displaying 1 to 15 (of 15 courses) Result Pages:  1 
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