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A Level Psychology [UKOL] £320.00

A Level  Psychology

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Specification AQA (A)

Course Overview
This course provides a broad introduction to the scope and nature of Psychology as a science with an emphasis on applying knowledge and understanding rather than just acquiring knowledge.  Taking this course, therefore, will not only provide a thorough grounding in Psychology; it will also help develop the skills of analysis, evaluation and critical thinking.

The AS-level is an independent qualification, but also contributes 50% to the full A-level for those students undertaking this further course.

The AS level offers a broad range of topics, with research methods in context.  Some of the topics include:
?How memory works and how we can improve it
?Why we develop attachments and how these attachments shape our future relationships
?What causes stress and how we can reduce the effects of stress to improve our wellbeing
?Why people conform and why we obey authority
?Understanding and treating psychological abnormality

At A2, there is a range of topic-based options which bring together explanations from different approaches and engage students in issues and debates in contemporary psychology.  Topics studied will include:
?Biological rhythms, sleep and sleep disorders
?Understanding aggression
?Understanding gender
?Development of thinking and moral development
?Psychopathology (candidates choose Schizophrenia, depression or anxiety disorders to study in depth)
?Media psychology
?Psychological research and scientific method

How is the course examined?
There are two examinations for the AS-level; both are one-and-a half-hours long.  The second year course is assessed by one one-and-a-half-hour, and one two-hour examination.

Where next?
There are many careers in which a knowledge of Psychology would be useful, especially those involved in dealing with people, for instance; nursing, teaching, social work, probation work, careers advice or personnel management.

Prescribe Reading
Psychology AS for AQA A. (4th Edition) Mike Cardwell, Liz Clark, Claire Meldrum (2008)
ISBN-13: 978-0007255030

Psychology A2 – The Complete Companion for ‘AQA’ ‘A’ (2nd Rev Edition). Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan (2008): Folens.
ISBN-13: 978-1850082880

Psychology A2 – The Complete Companion for ‘AQA’ ‘A’ (2nd Edition)
Mike Cardwell and Cara Flanagan. (2009) : Folens
ISBN-13: 978-1850082897

AQA (A) A2 Psychology. Erika Cox (2009): Philip Allan
ISBN-13 978-0340985199

Study Time
To complete a full A level it will take in the region of 200 study hours.

To take an A Level with you should have a GCSE grade C or above, or the equivalent and preferably in your chosen subject.

You will have access to a tutor via email who will mark your work and guide you through the course to ensure you are ready for your examinations.

Examination Centres
The examining body will provide you with a list of examination centres but it is entirely your responsibility to find a centre which will accept you as an external candidate.

AQA will be updating the information in Autumn 2009


In some cases you should be prepared to travel to another town or city to take your exams.

The contract for sitting exams is between you and the centre  and we will provide you with comprehensive instructions on when and how to deal with the examination centre.

Please email for a list of centres and we will provide you with a link or a pdf for you to contact centres directly. We are unable to provide this information by telephone.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do your courses meet the latest syllabus changes?
A. yes, all our course materials meet any changes and will be updated free of charge if further changes are made.

Q. Why do I have to find a centre myself?
A. We have students all over the UK and Europe and it is impossible for us to arrange dates and times for individual students.

Q. What if I cannot find an examination centre in my home town?
A. If you wish to gain the qualification then be prepared to travel it is worth it!

Q. How much are exam fees?
A. These vary from centre to centre so please check with your local centre.

Q. Are the courses paper based or on-line?
A. All our courses are paper based and come in attractive sturdy folders.

Q. How do I contact my tutor?
A. Tutors are all working Teachers or Lecturers so contact is by email only.

Q. Why can I not take my exams when I have completed the course and why do I have to wait?
A. Exams are taken at the same times as schools and colleges and are not flexible.

Q. I want to take my exams but there are only a few months to study, is this possible?
A. Depending on the time of year, it is sometimes impossible to complete your studies in a short space of time as your work has to be marked and checked. More importantly the examination boards have cut off times which are not flexible. See our web site for further information.

Q. Will I receive UCAS points on completion of this course?
A. Yes all of our A Levels carry UCAS points. The number of points awarded will depend on the grade you achieve.

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