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Diploma in Freelance Journalism [SH] 224.25

Diploma in Freelance Journalism

The objective of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to produce professional standard journalistic articles and to know how to market them. During the course students will examine and practice the four main questions of journalism:

 WHAT to write,
 HOW to write it,
 WHICH techniques to use and,
 WHERE to submit your work.

And specifically examine

Student Profile
This programme is designed for people who wish to gain or improve their skills in journalistic writing and marketing their copy to a range of printed media.

Study Method
The course is designed for study by distance learning at work or at home.  Students receive course manual, assignments and studyguide plus tutor support. Students may enrol at any time and study over a period which is convenient.  Once registered you are eligible for  tutor support for a full one year, if required

The course is accredited at level 2 by ASET, a leading awarding body recognised by the UK Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.

Assessment takes the form of a series of tutor marked assignments.

Entry Requirements
There are no entry requirements but students should be self-motivated to follow a programme of home study. Please note that:
1. All assignments must be word-processed; no hand written assignments will be accepted.
2. All assignments should be completed in Microsoft Word format.

The programme takes place over a timescale to suit the student.  Once registered, tutor support is available for up to one year or until completion whichever is the soonest.

The programme is home or work-based enabling students to complete the course without having to attend scheduled college teaching sessions.

Tutor Support
Throughout the course, students will receive tutor support by telephone and by post.

The course is divided up into 8 units, as follows:

Unit One : Introduction
 What can this course do for you?
 Why do we need content?
 How is style arrived at?
 How do we know what an editor wants?
 Where is analysis important?

Unit Two: Markets
 Keeping records
 What the editor wants
 How to analyse
 What the reader wants

Unit 3 : Content
 What do I write?
 Why do I need to find ideas?
 How do I save time and trouble?
 When do some themes not sell?
 Where is interviewing a factor?

Unit 4 : Style
 How do I write?
 Why do I need to find the right tone?
 How do I use the basics well?
 When do I use structure?
 Where is re-writing a factor?

Unit 5 : Techniques
 What techniques will help me sell my work?
 Why do I need new angles?
 How do basic techniques help?
 When is the "writer's dozen" valuable?
 Where is self-discipline a factor?

Unit 6 : Practical Matters
 What is defamation?
 Why is reputation important?
 How do I avoid libel?
 When is copyright important?
 Where are photographs a factor?

Unit 7: Fiction Writing
 What do editors not want?
 Why is market analysis valuable?
 How do I undertake market analysis?
 When is plotting useful?
 Where is characterisation a factor?

Unit 8 : No Excuses verse, Criticism and Sports Writing
 What is critical writing?
 Why does verse usually not sell?
 How do I see about income tax?
 When is executive writing used?
 Where are expenses a factor?

Tutor Marked Assignments

Final Assessment

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