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Higher Diploma in Business Studies - Level 5 [ODL] £1,945.00

Higher Diploma in Business Studies - Level 5

Syllabus and Unit Specification:
Level 5 Higher Diploma in: Business Studies

Credit value: 120, contributing to the Higher Education (HE) Diploma outlined below

The purpose of this subject syllabus is to provide such part time and full time learners with an opportunity to study the principles and applications of Business Studies at an advanced higher educational level (Level 5), with sufficient focus and detail to achieve transferrable skills, knowledge, understanding and application, necessary for progression towards related programmes at Level 6.

The subject is unitised in order to provide flexibility of operation and study. Satisfactory completion of all four units within this syllabus results in the award of 120 credits at Level 5.

Each unit may be undertaken separately, and each will be assessed independently, however, it is a key requirement of the subject that all fours units attached to the syllabus be completed at a satisfactory level in order to achieve the diploma.

Target group
HE diplomas should be targeted at those learners who have the ability to benefit from the course and progress to Level 6. They should also have success at level 3. This is a prerequisite to undertaking the course, as is sufficient skills in English, Maths and ICT.

Intended progression
Bachelor of Arts or Science
Business Administration
Human Resources
Vocational applications
Membership of Ascentis

This subject may only be operated in a member institution of Ascentis or a centre approved specifically for its operation by Ascentis. Membership and approval criteria can be found within the HE diploma handbook.

The Level 5 subject
This Level 5 subject is made up of a set of four units, which may be delivered and assessed independently. All units are assessed by coursework activities, and the compilation of an e-portfolio. The Level 5 subject requires successful completion of all four units. Learners are able to complete units at a pace appropriate to their resources, commitments and study plans.

It is expected that a full set of subject units will be completed within 2 academic years of initial enrolment.

Credit is awarded for successful completion of each unit. Any units which are not successfully completed may be repeated but this is subject to the college's discretion and criteria. All the learning outcomes attached to each unit must be met in order for credit to be awarded. Each unit attracts a total of 30 credits. Coursework is subject to marking criteria which will be outlines within each unit.

Moderation and Assessment Responsibilities
See: HE diploma handbook and Ascentis Handbook for Learners

This course is delivered entirely via the distance learning route and therefore there is no face to face element or requirement for centre based assessment.

Aims of the course
1.To provide students with opportunities to develop academic skills in Business Studies appropriate for a range of progression options.
2.To enable students to develop an advanced knowledge and understanding of the subject area
3.To encourage the learner to apply theoretical understanding and evaluation to complex content
4.To encourage students to apply terms and concepts appropriately
5.To enable students to apply a range of transferrable skills to subject related topics, issues and situations.
6.To facilitate and foster the development of a range of presentation skills relevant and appropriate to the discipline and level of study.

Course Objectives
1.To encourage direct and indirect independent learning and the development of key skills in an effective and academic context for the purposes of personal development and progression.
2.To develop an appreciation of the value and problems of interpretation of core concepts in Business Studies, together with related and relevant practices, methodologies and theories.
3.To build an understanding of the core concepts within Business Studies in different situations and contexts
4.To encourage students to apply their experience, knowledge and understanding, and skills to a range of course-related topics.
5.To encourage students to develop study autonomy and be able to demonstrate planning, judgement and organisational skills.
6.To advance the development of presentation skills appropriate to the discipline, level of study and delivery method.
7.To encourage development of transferrable evaluative and analytical skills relevant to Business Studies

What the student needs to know
In order to undertake this course the student will require:
Prior knowledge and understanding commensurate with enrolment criteria
Access to computer system with internet access and capabilities to download and upload files
Word processing ability and access to word processing package compatible with college requirements
Good organisational skills in order to plan studies, manage workload and study time

Unit 1: Foundations in Business Studies
Students will be presented with the opportunity to learn about:

ICT methods, tools and strategies
The use of ICT in higher education
Reflective writing and the use of this for skills enhancement
The ePortfolio
The core foundation theories which underpin business practices
Understanding the different applications of business studies and the relevant specific skills required to develop these skills
Students will be provided with learning opportunities in:

Identifying different ICT methods relevant to Level 5 study
Understanding how to apply different ICT tools and strategies within the course
Gain understanding of value of independent study and be able to reflect upon experiences
Evaluation of theories and concepts relevant to the core foundation theories and concepts within business studies, and be able to compose coursework activities according to the criteria and learning outcomes commensurate with Level 5

Unit 2: Business administration
Students will be presented with the opportunity to learn about:

The different psychological models which underpin business administration strategies
Statistical science relevant to business practices, such as audit principles and analysis of data
The PRINCE approach
Quality control and assurance strategies
Legislative criteria such as health and safety at work, contract law, compliance etc.
Leadership and management skills including SWOT analysis
Students will be provided with learning opportunities in:

Learning about different  approaches within business administration and the relevant underpinning theories and models relevant to practice
How to evaluate data relevant to business administration and develop strategies form this data
The development of leadership skills and the applications relevant to business administration practice

Unit 3: Business Consultancy
Students will be presented with the opportunity to learn about:

Specific models related to management development strategies
Audit processes relevant to management and implementation of strategies
Appraisal processes and the underpinning psychological theories and models
Identification of trends and probability in data
Logistics, procurement and fiscal policies
Solution focused approaches
Students will be provided with learning opportunities in:

Developing the appropriate analytical skills in order to transfer to practice
Learning about the psychology surrounding solution focused strategies and implementation of core objectives within a company context

Unit 4: Human Resources
Students will be presented with the opportunity to learn about:

Underpinning psychological theories, models and concepts of human resources
Fundamentals of employment processes and legislation such as PAYE, equality issues, discrimination and contract of employment etc.
Globalisation and the European impact on UK workforces
Vocational strategies and professional development within workplace context
Underpinning psychology of behaviour in the workplace such as Maslow's Hierarchy, motivation, cognition and skills development
Students will be provided with learning opportunities in:

Exploration of different practices within human resources
Development of interpersonal skills in order to facilitate vocational skills development, training and accommodate personal objectives and perceptions
Development of critical evaluative skills relevant to the theories and models
All four units are presented in learning outcome format, with specified assessment criteria

Entry Requirements
All students must per 17 years of age and above. Students should have completed a Level 3 Diploma or Professional Diploma or A level standard course (or equivalent) before the Level 5 qualification.

Study Hours
Approximately 300 hours per unit

Assessment Method
Four tutor marked assessments.

Please note that you can enrol on this course at anytime.

Level 5 Higher Diploma in Business Studies
This course is fully accredited by Ascentis
Additional Information
This is a dual certification course. You will receive a certificate from both the College and also the National Awarding body Ascentis. Fees for both are included in the course fee.

The course can be enrolled upon by students Internationally. There are no deadlines for enrolments.

What's Included
All study materials to enable the student to successfully complete the Diploma. Support is provided by the tutor department. Examination board certification upon completion, all coursework marking and moderating.

Further Information
Your course is delivered online via the Oxford Learning On Campus website.

Please note that included in your course fee is your registration to the On Campus student community, and a licence to print your study materials. Please note that the licence is for one print only, so please ensure that you have enough paper and ink to print the full course materials if required.

You will require having one of the following packages to access your On Campus area:

Windows: Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 - Acrobat Reader 4.0 and above
Macintosh: Mac OS X, Mac OS 9.2 - Acrobat Reader 4.0 and above
In the student 'On Campus' you are also able to take part in the student chat room and forums as part of our online student community.

After enrolling online you will receive your username and password to access the On Campus area within 5 working days. You will also receive your personal Oxford Learning student number via email.

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