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French CD-ROM Level 4[LW] 30.62

The Level 4 course teaches a further similar amount of new vocabulary to level 3, and again teaches more complex grammar. By the time the learner has completed level 4, he or she will have covered all the major grammar points needed to pass GCSE French and a vocabulary of some 1300+ words. Published studies have shown that the average pupil in British schools has a vocabulary of between 800-900 words after 4 years of French school lessons.

CD-ROM software courses run on a PC or Mac, and are compatible with Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and all Mac-OS platforms.

Level 4 Table of Contents:
Section 1: Numbers: One to a Thousand
Section 2: By the Seaside, Past Tense
Section 3: Revision, Pronouns, Verbs
Section 4: Sports, Prepositions, Music, Feelings
Section 5: The Car, "I Would", Pronouns
Section 6: Animals, "This" and "That"
Section 7: I Had..., Useful Words
Section 8: Verbs, More Useful Words
Section 9: Adjectives, Nouns, Writing Letters
Section 10: Revision
Section 11: Verbs, Sensible Sentences

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